French Open live: Alexander Zverev challenges Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals – Casper Ruud meets Marin Cilic

Alexander Zverev I was able to steadily improve as the tournament progressed. The Olympic champion presented himself at his best against Carlos Alcaraz in the quarter-finals.

The opponent in the semi-finals Rafael Nadal She entered the tournament in style, but had to do hard work in the round of 16 against Felix Auger-Aliassime and in the quarter-finals against Novak Djokovic.

The starting position before the semi-finals is completely open, and one of the favorite players cannot be called.

French Open

Lying allegations from both camps: Zoff between Rod and Ron draws circles

Yesterday at 10:03

This also applies to the second match of the day between the Norwegian shooting star Casper Road And the old Croatian master Marin Cilic.

Here is the 13th day of the tournament at Roland-Garros in the live stream:

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Games and results:

  • Live now: Rafael Nadal (Spain) [5] Alexander Zverev (Germany) [3] 7:6 (10:8)
  • Then: Casper Rudd (nor) [8] – Marin Cilic (CRO) [20]

4:47 p.m. – Nadal – Zverev – 7:6, 0:1

0:30 Zverev’s serve in the first service match of the second set. And then miss the Olympic champion from the long streak. Three break chances for Nadal. The record winner uses the first to score 1-0. The German has to give up his service to zero.

Rodd surprised – training canceled before semi-finals

4:38 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 7:6

Zverev learns of Nadal’s early interruption, but he can’t take the opportunity at the net. Sixth set point for Nadal. Then Mallorcan, the winner of the passing shot, comes out. 10:8 for Nadal to break the tie. This is bittersweet for Zverev, who had great chances in this round.

4:36 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:6

Zverev still had a hard-to-play break point, but Nadal then points to 6:6. Zverev’s four set pieces are gone. With a great long streak, the Spaniard gets the fourth ball in this match. Zverev defends this with a good net attack. Hamburger then hits the backhand in the net and Nadal has his number five chance. But he forgives the foul of the backhand.

4:29 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:6

Zverev converted a forehand to 6:2. Four set balls for the German! Nadal repels the first ace. With the second, Zverev has a great chance on the net, but misses the shot again. The third time, he attacked well, but Nadal made a great pass.

4:29 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:6

Zverev converted a forehand to 6:2. Four set balls for the German! Nadal repels the first ace. With the second, Zverev has a great chance on the net, but misses the shot again. The third time, he attacked well, but Nadal made a great pass.

4:24 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:6

After a quick backhand from Zverev, Nadal fouled the net. Another small break for Zverev. And with good forehands, the German signals 4: 2 when changing sides.

4:22 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:6

After a superb serve, Zverev distorts the attack from half the field. A little break for Nadal. But the Spaniard gave it up with a mistake in front of me. 2: 2

4:19 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:6

The first set will be decided in the tiebreak. When the game ball becomes 6:6, the edge of the net is on Zverev’s side. Nadal is no longer able to reach the ball and Zverev succeeds in serving him.

4:14 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 6:5

After a very well-built point, Zverev earned a No. 2 in this game with a forehand. And Nadal defends it with a brave match to pay and the ball. The Spaniard still got his serve to make it 6:5.

Oh no! Zverev loses racket – and breaks

4:10 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 5:5

Zverev is now building points well, pushing Nadal on the defensive and taking a 30-0 lead when the opponent serves. With a great stop, Nadal comes until 15:30. Next stop is well positioned at 30:30. Zverev then hit the line with a powerful backhand and got the break ball. Nadal responded to that with a superb send abroad.

4:04 pm – Nadal – Zverev – 5:5

He made it a lot more difficult for himself than it had to be. But Zverev still won the game until 5:5.

4:02 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 5:4

Zverev’s shot just expires. Put ball number two for Nadal. But Hamburger can hold off that too, this time strong on the net. Then he pulls the forehand out of the T line and there’s point number three. But once again he was repelling hard, this time with a forehand. Currently, light and shadow completely alternate in Zverev, while Nadal is the most stable player.

3:58 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 5:4

Zverev keeps an overview of the net and earns the second game ball. After a good return from Nadal, the German forgives him with a hit in the tire. Then the German commits a forehand foul and the Spaniard gets a point. Zverev defends it with a great serve. Shortly thereafter, he awarded the ball again with a double foul.

3:54 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 5:4

Now Zverev is playing against losing the group. Nadal presses the half of the field and finally the point to 30:30. Zverev remains offensive at the crucial moment and wins the match ball with a backhand. But then, the double error follows to become 40:40.

“please stop!” Zverev makes Nadal look old

3:49 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 5:4

Zverev continues to play offensively, but the German is making more mistakes now. However, at 30:30 again when Nadal serves. But then the Spaniard sent a crushing blow and received the ball. With another good transmission, the point follows for 5:4.

3:44 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 4: 4

Zverev must go beyond his debut. Then follows the double fault of Nadal’s break. However, Nadal forgives him with a forehand foul from the T-line. After a really great serve, Zverev not only hit the forehand from half of the field, but also lost his racket in the process. Breakball number two for Nadal. And again Zverev erred on the network. It was a match of missed chances for the Germans.

3:40 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 3: 4

This was not necessary from Zverev’s point of view. He just has to turn on the net, but then play a stop instead of a pass and Nadal returns to change the ball. This illustrates the point. And in the rally, Zverev won with a forehand. 3:30 pm. With the shot he equalized at 30:30.

3:35 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 3: 4

This was Nadal’s best serve game so far. The Spaniard shows the big winners, including the ball pass and clever stop. Its serviceability goes to zero and goes up to 3:4.

3:32 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 2: 4

This statistic is telling. Zverev just beat his eleventh winner and thus secured victory in the match with a score of 4: 2. Nadal has only one winner so far. However: It’s just a breaking difference. Nor was any decision taken in the first sentence.

After 30-0: Zverev takes Nadal’s serve straight

3:25 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 1: 3

Service game is a small reflection of Zverev’s first game. Once again leading at 40:40 after a tough game. Two errors follow again. And again, he turned the third key ball at last, this time thanks to a powerful serve. 3: 1

3:21 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 1: 2

Zverev starts very well despite the previous two mistakes, looks for lines and scores several winners. Once again, Nadal’s dispatch is delayed, but this time Mallorcan does his job. close to 1:2.

3:15 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 0:2

Having started strong on his first serve match and quickly advanced 40-0, Zverev made two big mistakes. The first time he hits a forehand, the second he hits a backhand. The Olympic Champion turns the third game ball with a cross winning forehand.

3:11 PM – Nadal – Zverev – 0:1

It begins with the introduction of Nadal. Zverev presses, tries to distribute balls and makes the point on the net with a 30:30 forehand. Then Nadal hits a backhand and his opponent gets the first break ball. And then Zverev defends well, Nadal hits a forehand and the German gets the break.

Rudd defends himself against Ron’s allegations: ‘disgrace’

INFO – Nadal – Zverev

It’s far. Nadal and Zverev enter the court. The first semi-final at Roland Garros is imminent. The roof is still closed.

INFO – Nadal – Zverev

It is currently raining in Paris. The ceiling above the chatter is closed. It remains to be seen if it can still be unlocked before the match begins. If not, the entire game is completed with the roof closed.

INFO – Nadal – Zverev

In a direct duel, Nadal leads 6:3 against Zverev. But three of the last four meetings have gone to Germany. However: We’re talking about Rafael Nadal on his favorite deck in his most successful Grand Slam, and he just defeated the world number one in a major duel. A child’s birthday is a favourite. But Zverev has the ability to tease him, and maybe even more than that.

INFO – Zverev or Nadal: What do you think?

The direct comparison speaks volumes for Nadal, but Zverev also showed against Alcaraz in the quarter-finals what he is capable of on clay. So who has the best cards?

INFO – Nadal hot for the 14th, Zverev premiere

The starting positions of the two higher stars could not be different. Nadal is chasing his 14th (!) title at Roland Garros. That would be a 22nd Grand Slam win, putting him ahead of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer (both 20). Zverev, on the other hand, is fighting for his first title in a major event in Paris. He was closest to him so far at the 2020 US Open, when he lost to Dominic Thiem in the final.

TOP 5: Nadal and Djokovic really do it

INFO – French Open at Joyn PLUS +

French Open In Joyn PLUS +: Here you can choose between events in all arenas.

Welcome to the French Open live stream

A festive day awaits at Roland-Garros. From 2:45 p.m., stand up for each other Alexander Zverev And the Rafael NadaShe faced for the tenth time in her career. The Spaniard leads 6:3 in a direct comparison, but the Olympic champion from Hamburg has won three of his last four matches. We wish you a lot of fun with her.

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TOP 5: Zverev and Alcaraz put on a great show on the net

French Open

Oh no! Zverev loses racket – and breaks

before one hour

French Open

“please stop!” Zverev makes Nadal look old

before one hour

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