Schalke 04: The Bundesliga is in a difficult situation

The promoted Schalk has a staffing issue due to legacy issues.Photo: augenklick / firo Sportphoto / Jürgen Fromme

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Schalke 04 fans have been hoping for a long time. in vain. Ko Itakura will leave the club. The next time should not be easy for the club. With his gone, the Royal Blues have another team to build on – and huge problems in the transfer market in general.

Farewell to Ko Itakura: It’s all about money again

After relegation, S04 acquired Kō Itakura on loan from Manchester City in the summer of 2021. Since then, the player has made 32 appearances for Schalke 04. The 25-year-old, who played as a central defender and six, has scored four goals . But at the end of May, Schalke announced on their website: “After careful consideration, the club has decided not to activate the purchase option.”

Ko Itakura has to say goodbye to Schalke.

Ko Itakura has to say goodbye to Schalke.Photo: SVEN SIMON / Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

Following the official statement from Schalke 04, S04 promotion coach Mike Buskins made an emotional post on Instagram about Itakura: “Maybe we can’t handle the economic package, an amount that, even a few years ago, wouldn’t even cause the decision makers at the time to be upset.” In fact, he still can’t believe it. “With him we lose not only a very good player, but also a great personality and an incredibly likable person.”

A painful loss for the Büskens and the entire club.

The Royal Blues are now looking not only for a worthy successor to Itakura, but also for a partner of top scorer Simon Terodde and number one seed.

Schalke 04: No long-term future with Büskens, but no options

Then there is a problem with the coach. Nearly four weeks after the famous return to the Bundesliga, sporting director Peter Knabel and sporting director Rauven Schroeder are still in the process of searching for a successor to Buskins. The Schalke FC legend, who replaced failed Demetrius Grammozes last season and led Knapen to the Bundesliga, is said to be not a permanent solution for Schalke bosses according to ‘Bild’.

Mike Buskins is highly respected by fans.

Mike Buskins is highly respected by fans.Photo: Eibner press photo/Joerg Niebergall/Eibner press info

Even when looking for a new coach, money should once again play a major role. The fact that Schalke can’t raise €5.9m for Itakura is an indication – in part due to dramatic legacy issues.

Schalke 04 is still weak on the transfer market

Because Schalke has strong competition and a bad economic situation. so Not surprisingly, it is difficult for a club to find a well-known head coach. Those that have been speculated already seem to have other plans: Sandro Schwartz will go to Hertha PSC, Vincent Kompany is said to want to go to FC Burnley and Peter Zeidler is apparently in talks with FC Augsburg.

Debt is one thing and the difficulty of selling expensive players like Amin Harit or Ozan Kabak is another. There are many reasons why Schalke may not be able to operate in the transfer market this summer as often as the officials would like.

Schalke 04 must bleed for this legacy

But the reasons can in no way be found only in players who are still under contract. What continues to be a drag on the financial situation are the previous departures. Even with Sebastian Rudy, payments are still due from S04. Due to the commitment in the summer of 2018, there are still parts of the transfer fee payable, which goes to FC Bayern.

Payments are still due to Sebastian Rudy, who is now slowing Schalke 04.

Payments are still due to Sebastian Rudy, who is now slowing Schalke 04.Photo: augenklick / firo Sportphoto / firo Sportphoto / Jvºrgen Fromme

“Rudi’s rate” is not the only financial burden the club still has to bear. Even as Mascarell and some of the other players age, portions of his severance payments remain open, according to a “WAZ” report.

The club must continue to bleed for this legacy.

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