The NBA Finals Insight Into Celtics Game 1 Win Over Warriors: Boston Weathers Culture Shock

The Boston Celtics won the first game of the NBA Finals with an exciting comeback in the fourth quarter. The guests show their greatest strength, even though he’s supposed to be a little better player. Warriors should be troubled by one area in particular.

1. Boston Celtics weather culture shock

There is a big difference between defending warriors and defending any other team. The first quarter showed this very well: Boston had a hit with their greatest defense drop, especially against the Milwaukee and Miami limited shooting teams, in the first quarter this led directly to the final record.

Stephen Curry sank six times, the ball was traded, the movement was there – the Celtics lost track several times and let shots wide open. It was the culture shock that Dallas experienced in the previous series. Marcus Smart aptly analyzed it during the match when he told his team: “We don’t play Miami here anymore!”

But Golden State no longer plays against Dallas. The Celtics changed their defense accordingly, thus making it more difficult for Curry to get deals. Especially in the fourth quarter they switched more and more and removed any rhythm from the diplomas.

Partly with small squads, partly with Robert Williams, who nominally defended Andre Iguodala and can actually complicate everything close to the basket. Boston’s defensive prowess is this team’s greatest asset. This has been seen over and over again in Game 1, it will now be interesting to see the reaction of the warriors.

said Derek White, who is a big part of the Warriors-Guards after the first quarter. “We have a lot of players who can defend different positions. That’s what sets us apart.”

2. The baby bump is real (and the photography is awesome)

What was already evident at the end of the Miami streak was confirmed in Match 1: White regained his offensive confidence, and above all the throw was finally back. Since the birth of his son which caused him to miss the second game against Miami, White has made 43 percent of his three-pointers. Boston has been waiting for this for a long time, after White has scored below career level (31 percent) since his trade.

In Game 1 there was neither hesitation nor negativity. White was willing the Warriors not necessarily to chase him away from the three-point line, and he punished them for it: Five of his eight triples found the net, two of them halfway through the fourth quarter. And he was not the only one who made it rain, on the contrary.

The Celtics sank 21 degrees in total. On a day when the top scorer missed a goal, that three-point rain gave the Celtics the win, though Golden State also sank 19 hat-tricks.

Immediately after the match, Draymond Green expressed his doubts that White, Al Horford and Marcus Smart could repeat this shooting performance again – which is incomprehensible. But with White in particular, it was amazing how much his entire body language changed in the attack, and how aggressive he was.

This component alone makes it incredibly valuable, even if the paper roll isn’t as special as in this game. As Boston could put him to good use in all other aspects anyway: he can speed up the game and he has the drive, he’s also a great defender and, due to his strong on-screen navigation, is indispensable against young warrior guards Carrie and Paul.

If the throw goes down, that changes the rules of the game. “Derek White is a soccer player,” says enthusiast Jaylen Brown. “He’s one of those players who loves the moment and can always improve. No matter what the scouts report says.” Lesson learned: Underestimate children.

The NBA Finals: Warriors vs Celtics – Series at a Glance (0-1)

Game Date time Homepage far result
1 June 3 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics 108: 120
2 6th of June 2 o’clock Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics
3 June 9 3 o’clock Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors
4 June 11 3 o’clock Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors
5 * June 14 3 o’clock Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics
6 * June 17 3 o’clock Boston Celtics Golden State Warriors
7 * June 20 2 o’clock Golden State Warriors Boston Celtics

*If necessary

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