How do residents take the future of their village into their own hands

Will Fatschenbrunn soon become the most fashionable place in the entire region? Speaking to people in the Oberauracher district, you already have the impression that this is a special village: they describe the village community that works very well and speak of “incredible cohesion”. But this also has a downside: those who want to settle … Read more

The future of the snake farm in Schladen is uncertain

Reptile Zoo in Fore Harz The future of the snake farm in Schladen is uncertain 03/16/2022, 21:46 | Reading time: 3 minutes View of the snake farm showroom. Tens of thousands of people have visited them. However, the company is getting old. The Reptile Zoo is not currently allowed to open to visitors. Photo: Maria … Read more

Corona’s development contradicts expectations – why experts often get it wrong

toSophia Luther Close How exactly can the case of corona infection be predicted? About pitfalls and pitfalls and why even scientists are wrong. BERLIN – The outlook for the coronavirus case after Easter was worrying. On March 12, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) calculated a significant increase in 7-day incidence in Germany. Accordingly, there should … Read more