Papablog: Interview with a son – How refugees become friends

– How refugees become friends The author’s children got acquainted with Ukrainian refugees during spring break – encounters are moving. Luke Bergen Posted today at 5:45 am Without Fear of Connection: Babies are wonderful neutrals and great social role models. Photo: Getty Images A perfect world somewhere between Belle and Bern: My kids spend a … Read more

Holidays in Hamburg: long waits at the airport – traffic jams on the A7 and A1

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Vacation Savings: Salecina Holiday Center in the Upper Engadine

zAdmittedly, I wasn’t fully amused when I had to do the dishes for an hour and a half the first night. I arrived only at noon, wandered around Lake Seals for a long time and came back in time for dinner. Next I wanted to end the day with a glass or two of red … Read more

Flashes a lot: Raser’s stake in Albstadt nears all-time high – Albstadt & Surroundings

There has been a speed camera pole on Schillerstrasse since April 2020 – and it is having an effect. Photo: Muller The city of Albstadt has provided a comprehensive set of numbers: it provides information on how often Albstadt drivers flash in 2020 and 2021. Albstadt – In 203 days – eight more than a … Read more

Thierry Paterlini is not coming to Kloten – he is going to Langnau

Thierry Butterlini is the new coach of Langnau for the next two years.Photo: cornerstone ice master zag Climbing the ladder is exciting and creates a lot of activity and action. Kloten’s informants have reported a slightly frustrating confusion: sporting director Patrick Barchie is on leave and the nominee has canceled coach Thierry Butterlini. This can … Read more

Corona in Bavaria: Confusion about the rules for 3G technology among schoolchildren

Homepage Bavaria creature: 08/25/2021updated: 08/27/2021, 12:25 PM to: Thomas Eldrich split, rip During the holidays and beyond, the 3G rule rarely affects Bavarian schoolchildren. But there is another rule that can link them to their desks at home when school begins. Update from August 24: In order to prevent the school from starting at home … Read more