My Secret Recipe for Investing in the Best of the Metaverse from The Motley Fool

My Secret Recipe for Investing in the Best of the Metaverse important points Despite the current downturn in most investment markets, Metaverse still offers long-term potential for risk-averse investors. But not every virtual world is created equal – some are shocking to virtual real estate investors. Here are some of the items I look for … Read more

Rainbow Six Siege: A playful Belgian steals the sight in Operation Vector Glare

It’s time again: Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 enters the next season and, in addition to a new launcher, brings many other changes, new features and some firsts. The second season is titled “Operation Glow Vector” and Starts June 7 on live servers. This sentence already contains the first innovation, because until now Ubisoft always … Read more

Do I have a snapper? Defender P15 & Beast X25 gaming laptops from 1299 euros

Michael Schmelzel From June 2, Aldi will offer two well-equipped gaming laptops with Medion Erazer Defender P15 and Beast X25 with RTX 3060 and 3080 respectively for 1299 and 2499 euros. But are gaming laptops worth their money? Zoom Aldi gaming laptops: Erazer Defender P15 for 1299 euros and Beast X25 for 2499 euros. On … Read more

VAT is now free here

In “Galaxy Week” that is now beginning in Saturn, there is a famous VAT rebate of around 16 percent on most Samsung Galaxy-branded products. So basically smartphones, smartwatches and headphones. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S22 series is still excluded. One shelf level down there are real deals during the campaign. Saturn and Samsung offer VAT: the … Read more