AMD Ryzen 7000: First Information on Socket AM5 Zen 4 CPUs with PCIe 5.0 and DDR5

Sebastian Schenzinger During Computex 2022, AMD CEO Lisa Su spoke for the first time about the upcoming Ryzen 7000 processors. So-called “Raphael” CPUs based on Zen 4 should not only achieve clock rates in excess of 5GHz, but also rely on the new AM5 socket, with which DDR5 RAM and PCIe 5.0 find their way … Read more

Philips Hue offers: here you can buy smart lighting systems at special prices

compromise May 23, 2022 at 2:50 pm Philips Hue lamps are currently sold at some retailers. We’ve subjected the deals to price comparison and show which ones are especially worth it. With Philips Hue, your lighting becomes smart. (Source: Philips) The popular Philips Hue lights and lights have always been a household classic. With gadgets, … Read more

QooCam EGO is a unique 3D camera

Photo: Kandao The article can only be viewed with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. QooCam EGO brings back the classic 3D format. Stereoscopic photos and videos can be enjoyed with Meta Quest 2. Most consumer VR cameras are designed for 360-degree mono or 180-degree stereoscopic. QooCam EGO offers … Read more

New Calculations Solve Mysteries of Solar Research

New Calculations Solve Mysteries of Solar ResearchEditorial Board / Press release from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomyastronews.comMay 23 2022 Evaluation of solar oscillations and the theory of stellar evolution, based on the chemical composition of the Sun, have so far provided contradictory data about the structure of the Sun. New calculations in solar atmospheric … Read more

The Skywalker saga is with you • Nintendo Connect

LEGO publishes toys of famous and well-known brands for many years, which appear in the form of building blocks. In addition to Jurassic Park, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones, this naturally included the Star Wars series. Now, however, LEGO and Traveler Tales have teamed up to create the definitive LEGO Star Wars experience, and … Read more

CoD Warzone 2 is said to borrow the ability of one of Rainbow Six Siege’s most dangerous women

Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a sequel and the leak mechanics for Part Two of Battle Royale are slowly going. Supposed insider Tom Henderson introduces 5 completely different mechanics in Warzone 2. Some of them you know from the competition. What are mechanics? Well-known leaker Tom Henderson liked to post information about top shooters … Read more

Nike buys Metaverse sneakers

The article can only be viewed with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript in your browser and reload the page. Nike also wants to bring you stylish footwear and digital apparel in the Metaverse. The sportswear manufacturer is now acquiring start-up RTFKT. RTFKT describes itself as a design studio for digital fashion and collectibles. The startup … Read more