Storm over Bavaria: DWD urgently warns

tz Munich city creature: 05/23/2022updated: 05/23/2022, 10:47 PM to: Tania Kibeki split, rip Thunderstorms common in Bavaria at the beginning of the week. Meanwhile, there was also a crash in Munich. Expect rainy days now. Update from May 23, 10:42 PM: Meanwhile, the storm front has moved east through Munich, and we’re not afraid of … Read more

Too few new buildings – why Germany fails to build housing

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BSI issues transitional rules for smart meter installation

Based on a new administrative arrangement, the existing smart meter gates can continue to be operated and new gates installed. The Federal Bureau of Information Security (BSI) has withdrawn the February 2020 court order and replaced it with similar transitional requirements. In March 2021, the Supreme Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia (OVG) initially suspended the … Read more

Medium-voltage shipyards: No buyer for the ‘Global Dream’ cruise ship | – News

Status: 05/23/2022 2:34 PM The massive cruise ship “Global Dream” probably couldn’t be sold to bankrupt MV shipyards after all. According to insolvency manager Christoph Morgen, the last interested party abruptly withdrew. Now the Malaysian billionaire could play a role. As the insolvency official explained at a staff meeting in Wismar in the morning, Stena … Read more

Sexism allegations against Feldman: SPD calls for immediate resignation

sBoth the government and the opposition in the Frankfurt City Parliament are unanimously calling for the immediate resignation of Mayor Lord Peter Feldman. If he does not comply, he is threatened with an out vote. On Monday, his party, the Social Democrats, implored Feldman to “make the welfare of the city the guiding principle of … Read more

Lauterbach announces a recommendation to isolate monkeypox

Germany containment measures Lauterbach announces RKI recommendation on monkeypox, vaccination recommendations are being considered As of 3:21 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes “We must respond quickly and with difficulty to contain a global outbreak” Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach has called for decisive action against the spread of monkeypox. You have to react quickly … Read more