Reconstruction planned, cause of fire still unclear: May 23, 2022 2:45 p.m.

The city’s stench of soot also permeates the premises of the Bleichrud Volunteer Fire Brigade. Tool shed in the immediate vicinity of the factory, a blessing in disguise. This is where the comrades requested the press conference this afternoon … Hell last night: 300 employees suddenly out of work (Photo: S.Dietzel) Even this afternoon, twelve … Read more

Belgium sends infected people to isolation for 21 days

WPeople infected with monkeypox will have to self-isolate in Belgium for 21 days. The Belgian health authorities decided, on Friday, to limit the spread of the disease, the Belgian news magazine “The Brussels Times” reported. The incubation period should last between five days and three weeks. However, the German Federal Ministry of Health expects an … Read more

The Airlift Begins: The First Baby Food to Arrive in the United States

Status: 05/23/2022 12:31 PM In the United States there is a huge shortage of special baby foods. The first military aircraft brought more than 31 tons to the United States from Ramstein in the Rhineland-Palatinate. More flights will follow. Facing massive supply bottlenecks, the US government obtained baby food from Swiss manufacturer Nestlé, flown by … Read more

Davos: Habek leaves skepticism and really tough questions for others

HIn green in front of the global business elite? Tachels is certainly the order of the day, as it was three years ago when Greta Thunberg made her first visit to the Swiss Alps. “The house is burning” accused Swedish climate activist participants in the World Economic Forum. Robert Habeck chose a different path, experimenting … Read more

Monkeypox outbreak in Europe: Is quarantine coming? – advisor

Berlin – One case in Munich and at least three cases in Berlin. A total of more than 100 cases in twelve countries in just two weeks. The spread of monkeypox is progressing rapidly. The first countries are now enacting quarantine for infected people or are studying the possibility. : arrow_forward: ︎ Belgium: Authorities link … Read more

Expensive Vacation: Subsequent Price Increases for Group Tours?

expensive vacation Subsequent price increases for group trips? 05/23/2022, 10:21 AM Vacations during times of high kerosene prices can quickly become more expensive. This also applies to group trips that have already been booked – or is it? It can help to look at the finer details. A family of four wants to travel to … Read more

Verbal sexism attack from OB – host ‘hormonally impotent’

Homepage Frankfurt creature: 05/23/2022, 09:04 AM to: Julia Lorenz split, rip Mayor Feldman with an onboard microphone during his onboard speech. © Screenshot / Radio Frankfurt Junge Union Frankfurt starts an online petition for Peter Feldman (Social Democratic Party) to resign. A video clip on the network causes another scandal. FRANKFURT – “Sexual shit”: With … Read more

Monday accompanied by thunderstorms, heavy rain, hail, tornadoes, tornadoes

RTL>newsletter> By Paul Heger and Oliver Hantke Breathing did not last long! heavy Bad weather on Friday with at least three hurricanes behind us. But at the start of the week, the case for the next big storm is already under threat. Here’s the current storm schedule for partly rainy Monday and Tuesday. Here: A … Read more