‘Bad craftsmanship, a disaster in terms of content’: Only the FDP satisfied with the new Infection Protection Act – Politics

Traffic light timing looks really bad. RKI reported more than 260,000 new coronavirus cases in a single day on Wednesday morning. The infection rate rises to more than 1,600, a European record. In addition to 269 other deaths due to Corona in just 24 hours. However, the new Infection Protection Law, which the Bundestag first … Read more

Fill up: Crude oil is cheaper, fuel is at a record level – the government must take responsibility

DrBundeskartellamt warns the energy industry to keep fuel prices arbitrarily high, despite crude oil prices falling again. “If crude oil prices are now falling again and gas station prices are not tracking or even continuing to rise, you should take a closer look at it,” said President Andreas Mundt. This included several levels of the … Read more