An exciting story for young and old – Hardim

Hardem. The real “musical” event was the premiere of the musical “Gotspiel” on Sunday. Written by Wilfried Roerig, highlighting the relationship with God in a thrilling story for young and old, the objectivity of the story was reflected on the audience: all generations were present in the palace square. AdUnit Mobile_Pos2 AdUnit Content_1 The starting … Read more

Farewell to gas pipelines and scrap – Secretary of State Gretchen calls for gas networks to be dismantled

The many years of experience of our energy politicians consist of shutting down, getting out and ripping off. Since lobbyists were secretaries of state in ministries, yesterday’s categories such as security of supply, value for money and environmental compliance no longer play a role. It is about ideology and ultimately about money. With Dr. Gration, … Read more

Murder trial accused Wiesenstraße confesses to killing his ex-girlfriend

Read for free until 6:40 PM 44-year-old man confesses to killing his ex-girlfriend Surprise at Göttingen’s trial: Defense attorney Philip Kaiser read out a statement including a confession from his client, admitting that he strangled his ex-girlfriend to her death. He was “annoyed” that she had ended the relationship. Göttingen.There was a surprise on Monday … Read more

“The Lion’s Den”: a violent argument between Rosberg and Koffler

George Koffler feels betrayed by Nico Rosberg. “I don’t do anything here anymore,” Kofler says — and leaves the show. In the new episode of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (Monday, 8:15 p.m., Vox) there is a critical misunderstanding. Finally, the cave lion leaves in a rage. Athletes Markus Smarzoch, 30, and Andrea Schlumb, 30, invented … Read more

Ex-ballet director Igor Zelensky: relationship with Putin’s daughter? – culture

Igor Zelensky cited special reasons for his resignation as director of the Bavarian State Ballet. The new information shows how political the private sphere can be. If the whole situation was not so dramatic and sad, then Igor Zelensky, the former director of the Bavarian State Ballet, could be described as possessing something like black … Read more

Mothers of Egyptian Monasticism: Sarah, Theodora, and Synclitica

At the beginning of monastic life, three extraordinary women left us a spiritual legacy: Syncletica, Sarah and Theodora. Her spiritual motherhood applies not only to women, whether they are virgins or married women, but also to monks. On Saturday, Francis received religious women from the Filipino Maestro Pie and faithful from the dioceses of Viterbo … Read more