The Ministry of the Interior in the countryside: How the epidemic awakens our desire to travel | DW Travel | DW

It is not new that business travelers want to extend trips to distant cities or countries for a few hours or days to explore the new environment. It is also known that the so-called digital, most of them are independent creators who can work anywhere in the world thanks to a laptop and a stable … Read more

Augsburg: where you can travel from Augsburg with a ticket of nine euros

On Thursday, the Bundestag will vote on a nine-euro ticket. Where you can travel from June for little money but with a lot of time and patience. Sylt, Berlin, GuenzburgTravel throughout Germany in the summer months of June, July and August is possible with a ticket for nine euros per month. Thursday, that’s right Bundestag … Read more

What will be discussed at the World Economic Forum this year

DrThe most popular participant in this year’s World Economic Forum does not even take a trip to the Swiss Alps. Volodymyr Zelensky will be delivered from Kyiv on Monday for his speech to the participants in Davos and to spectators around the world. The president of Ukraine, who has held his post in his hard-earned … Read more

Musical excursion with bagpipes in Alpenach

Obwalden Musical journey with bagpipes Under Igor Retnev, Albanash’s music has grown far beyond itself. The highlight of the attractive programme: Thomas Hyde, bagpipe maker. Bagpipeist Thomas Hyde made a solo appearance at the Alpnacher Musik concert. Photography: Romano Koons (Albanach, May 21, 2022) Matthias Claudius wrote in the 18th century: “When someone goes on … Read more

New hotel portal turns customers into bidders

WBuy the cheapest holiday? For many years, internet companies like Booking, Expedia, Groupon, Kayak, Secret Escapes, Holiday Pirates and many more have boasted of offering the best travel deals on the net. Regardless of whether it is flights, hotels or package deals, due to rising energy costs and rapidly rising inflation, price also plays an … Read more

Small Musical Horror Shop – SWR Aktuell

Actor and singer Sebastian Krulik invites you to the second edition of the Vulcaneville Theater Festival in September. The Little Shop of Horror – with a star crew is being performed. Mr. Mechnik stands at the table reading the newspaper. Because today he doesn’t have any customers to serve in the flower shop downtown. Then … Read more

Fragrant roses from Bulgaria

Like an invisible canopy, the fragrance extends across the fields. Every time a gentle breeze burns the opening buds, the wind carries a thin wisp of scents through the village and down into the valley. The scent is pure and subtle, yet has a rich and sweet effect like honey. It’s subtle, but with an … Read more

Stockach-Mahlfühlen in the valley: it’s behind the travel street food festival: Globetrotters want to try something new in Mahlfühlen

On foot from Lake Constance to Rome or by motorbike from Mahlesbourne to Morocco. What seem like photo-worthy adventures have already been taken by Heiko Schliek of Mahlfühlen in the valley. “I’m almost a travel fanatic and really love being on the go,” he says with a laugh. When he was 15 years old, he … Read more