Sports at work and old age

Exercise encourages you to work out – and prevents back pain and muscle atrophy. Why a number of companies encourage their employees to exercise and how to motivate yourself. Inertia is a physical principle. She says: Bodies strive to remain in their state of motion. People also want to maintain their condition and prefer to … Read more


What is Matura? Matura is matriculation examination, After higher education as well as the school graduation certificate obtained with it. With Matura certification you get Comprehensive public education Moreover Unrestricted access to study at a university or college and increase your chances in a career. There is Various forms of graduation . Some of these … Read more

The perfect Volkswagen employee – green, cheap, disorganized

Wolfsburg / Volkswagen The perfect Volkswagen employee – green, cheap, disorganized 05/23/2022, 16:58 | Reading time: 3 minutes It mowed, mowed and mowed: a robotic lawn mower quietly and reliably did its job in front of the impressive high-rise. Perhaps the useful device cannot be blamed for the fact that the lawn looks very dry. … Read more

Director Gudrun Galloway says goodbye

Oranienburg.Gudrun Glauy’s handwriting has shaped the work of the Luisenhof Agricultural School in Oranienburg since 1996. After more than 45 years of work, the now 65-year-old is over: on May 31, she will hand over the official mission to her successor, Andrea Weil. “I come from a farming family and also learned the profession of … Read more

Children losing their families – a shelter in Helchenbach

Hilchenbach. The ISAF in Helchenbach is concerned with children, adolescents and young adults who have had to leave their parents’ homes. Ljoefs fsmfcfo l sqfsmjdif pefs tffmjtdif Hfxbmu jo efs Gbnjmjf voe wfsmbttfo opuhfesvohfo jis [vibvtf/ Wjfmmfjdiu jtu ft bcfs bvdi hbo{ boefst/ Ft hjcu lfjof Hfxbmu- Fmufso xjttfo bcfs fjogbdi ojdiu nfis xfjufs- xjf … Read more

Protecting employees from data misuse

The DGB, verdi and other member unions have drafted a bill on employee data protection. In an interview, Christoph Schmitz, a Verdi national board member, revealed how the draft could protect employees’ personal rights. ver.di has always advocated for an independent law regulating the processing of employee data. However, nowhere has been defined how employee … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – The federal government wants to take a closer look at the protection status of S.

Ukraine refugees | May 23 2022 With S protection status, refugees from Ukraine can go to work. External experts will write a report on the state of protection by the end of the year. In addition, a European registration platform is under construction. With S protection status, refugees from Ukraine can stay in Switzerland for … Read more

Theater and cabaret in HLUW

advertisement After a two-year hiatus, theatrical events were again presented to the pupils. Actor Andreas Ruder and cabaret artist Josef Burger were guests at HLUW in Yspertal. Ispertal, der Zoetel – Theater an der HLUW Yspertal – “Der Herr Karl” – monologue by Karl Merz and Helmut Kaltinger, played by actor Andreas Ruder. Third and … Read more

Best way to retire in 2018

money or free time At 65, sooner or flexibly: the best way to retire in 2018 Wednesday, 24/01/2018 | 08:31 Those who want to retire this year are spoiled for choice: those who have not yet reached retirement age can retire at a discount. There is also a flexible checkout option in installments. FOCUS Online … Read more