Interhome records the best winter season –

The holiday trend in Switzerland has also been confirmed during the past winter months. This displays the current holiday home report from Interhome. Interhome can take a look at the most successful winter season (November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022) in its home market. “We have been able to welcome more guests in holiday … Read more

War – Schultz promises Ukraine more support – Politics

Düsseldorf (DPA) – Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party) promised Ukraine more support. “We will continue to support Ukraine with money and humanitarian aid, but it must also be said: We will support it so that it can defend itself, by handing over weapons, as many other countries in Europe do,” Schulz said. On Sunday … Read more

Girls and Boys Day 2022 at MDR WISSEN: Dental Research Meets the Future

Usually in the future day with dental researcher Dr. Elaine Schulz-Kunas would enter the lab in Leipzig, and she would look at chewing machines and toothbrush comparators, perhaps making video, taking pictures or making radio recordings. This would have been a very practical insight into the work of MDR WISSEN. But in 2022, the future … Read more

Scholz must travel to Kyiv

Homepage Policy creature: 10/04/2022updated: 4/11/2022 at 4:49 pm split, rip Chancellor Olaf Schultz has kept the war in Ukraine at bay in recent weeks – at least physically. © Michael Kappeler / D British Prime Minister Johnson, EU Commission President von der Leyen, and Austrian Chancellor Nehamer have already visited Kyiv. The votes that Chancellor … Read more

You do not stand blood in heaven

Van A as “Adams Parmane” bit Z as “Zuccamaglios Renette” made us Dr. Known for a book of 174 different apples, Dankwart Seipp and co-author Ariane Müller, with Wör and OK with Biller (van Lutz Poltrock). In 2016 they both broke the book “Apple Varieties of Northern Germany” sold in 2018. Well, if he retired … Read more

Kyiv Weapons: The Federal Government has not found ammunition for the Cheetah tanks

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