#MH22 – Looking to the future from Mülheim

From left: Reverend Tuulia Telle-Steuber, Simon Löwenberg, Fiona Paulus and Daniel Drewes (Image: Private) Mulheim an der Ruhr. Evangelical youth of the Rhineland invites you to an interactive futuristic conference with distinguished guests Young people and youth set the agenda themselves – now the first future conference of Evangelical youth in the Rhineland is about … Read more

Valuex: Online Blockchain Game Opens Gateway to the ‘Metaverse’

07/04/2022 – 11:58 Valuex AG 2 documents VALUEX_Outer-Ring_Photos.pdfPDF file – 618 KB VALUEX_PM_OuterRing.pdfPDF file size 276 KB Blockchain-based online game opens the gateway to ‘Metaverse’ – with a new development approach Market launch after a record-breaking fourth round of financing Liechtenstein , April 7, 2022. Online game ‘Outer Ring’ shows the potential of blockchain technology … Read more

Couples on vacation: Why travel is a crash test for a relationship

Travel Couples on vacation Why travel is a crash test for relationships Vacation is the best time of the year? Not always, especially not for couples. A third of breakups occur immediately after the summer vacation. If the divorce is already pending, it can also be combined with a private flight. Posted on 01/04/2022 | … Read more

Vacations in the shadow of the epidemic: Winter holidays abroad present travelers with difficult tasks

Holidays in the pandemic – Winter holidays abroad present travelers with challenging tasks Video: Brandenburg News | 01/28/2022 | M. Nowak | picture: Images by imago / Stefan Zeitz The demand for skiing and winter holidays in the upcoming holidays is rather weak. Those who drive anyway should be well prepared. Because requirements and regulations … Read more

Supplies for the worst-case scenario: “We are not optimally prepared”

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How IT Teams Implement It Successfully

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