An unequal relationship with potential

The EU-Africa summit will discuss further cooperation between the two continents. Where German companies are active in Africa. Volkswagen has a large plant in Kariga, South Africa. (Photo: Volkswagen AG) You want to talk about financing growth, economic integration, digitization and many other topics: The Sixth EU-Africa Summit, which takes place today and tomorrow, is … Read more

Lower Saxony timeline for the new Corona Law | – News

Status: 03/16/2022 4:30 PM The new Corona regulation for Lower Saxony is expected to be issued on Friday, and will apply from Saturday. But that’s not all: a quick glimpse into the timetable for the coming days. On Wednesday, the German Bundestag dealt, for the first time, with the introduction of the new infection protection … Read more

Nickel, cobalt and lithium are the metals of the future, Swiss Resource Capital AG, press release

. The price of nickel has exploded. Much of the nickel came from Russia. Many goods that came from Russia in peacetime – the country is now closed off the market – have become much more expensive. Nickel and cobalt are raw materials for desirable carbon removal. Nickel is used in solar energy systems, in … Read more

‘Tied to one person…’: UK freezes Abramovich’s assets

“Tied to a person…” Britain freezes Abramovich’s fortune 10/03/2022, 11:19 AM Roman Abramovich is said to be close to Vladimir Putin, because of which the British government imposes sanctions on the oligarch. The owner of Chelsea FC is said to have benefited from concessions made by Putin and the Russian government. The British government placed … Read more

Why is it important to be able to focus

Do you know what is one of our brain’s most underappreciated achievements? It is not our intelligence or our creativity or our courage. It’s our concern! It is important to maintain and direct it intelligently, even in the distracting world of media. Attention is one of our brain’s most underappreciated capabilities. Where you place your … Read more

How do residents take the future of their village into their own hands

Will Fatschenbrunn soon become the most fashionable place in the entire region? Speaking to people in the Oberauracher district, you already have the impression that this is a special village: they describe the village community that works very well and speak of “incredible cohesion”. But this also has a downside: those who want to settle … Read more

Increasing demand for oil and flour – SWR Aktuell

The demand for oil and flour mills is huge, and in many supermarkets people buy some foods in excess. Dealers say hamster purchases are not appropriate. In light of the war in Ukraine, many people in Baden-Württemberg began stocking up on food again. The regional flour and oil mills already set the maximum purchase quantity. … Read more