Mothers of Egyptian Monasticism: Sarah, Theodora, and Synclitica

At the beginning of monastic life, three extraordinary women left us a spiritual legacy: Syncletica, Sarah and Theodora. Her spiritual motherhood applies not only to women, whether they are virgins or married women, but also to monks. On Saturday, Francis received religious women from the Filipino Maestro Pie and faithful from the dioceses of Viterbo … Read more

The case of Olaf Latzel: Churches condemn homophobia

nAfter Bremen evangelical pastor Olaf Latzel was acquitted, there are increasing numbers of church voices criticizing the Bremen District Court’s ruling and promoting the open and gay-friendly church. The head of the Evangelical Reformed Church based in Leer, Lower Saxony, Susanne bei der Wieden, has condemned Latzel’s comments about homosexuality. “The acquittal of Olaf Latzel … Read more

Discussion about the role of the church

May 13, 2022 at 5:56 pm Former Prime Minister Peter Mueller at the ceremony : “We will defend the special relationship between the state and the church in Germany” Thursday evening’s panel discussion in the Saarbrücken Conference Hall featured prominent figures from church and state. Pictured: (from left) Saskia Ketterer, Federal Youth Leader of DJK, … Read more