Real costs and depreciation: Cupra Leon 2.0 TSI

How economical and inexpensive can a 245-horsepower compact sports engine be used in everyday life? We tested and calculated. “A true compact sports car that keeps typical compromises in low comfort and still focuses on fun – also with the efficient turbo power package.” Our test editor, Thomas Helmanczyk, gets a lot of praise for … Read more

Actual Cost and Depreciation: Honda HR-V E: HEV

The Japanese crossover comes with 131 horsepower, check consumption and cost. What are the advantages of complex hybrid technology? “With good comfort, smart versatility, plenty of space, quality upholstery and plenty of utility equipment, the HR-V is the better car, but not very efficient in the effort.” In the conclusion of our test editor, Sebastian … Read more

New Outlook: Microsoft starts open beta – this is what it looks like

Only a few days ago, interested users were able to get an initial glimpse of the new and unified Outlook. Microsoft is now slowly beginning to open this up to external testers as well – currently only a very limited group are getting in. The new Outlook was developed under the codename Monarch and should … Read more

Actual costs and consumption: the BMW 520d Touring

Adaptive suspension, 18-inch wheels with sport tyres, integrated rear axle steering, rear air suspension – everything installed. However, the five engines lack a sense of humor, much like a comfortable E-Class. It calmly executes steering commands, accurately and steadily follows the marked line, while the ESP carefully organizes fast maneuvers. Equally reliable: high suspension comfort. … Read more

Actual costs and consumption: BMW X4 xDrive30i

How much does a four-wheel drive SUV with a 245 hp gasoline engine cost in everyday life? This is exactly what we explained in our comprehensive cost check. “The narrow chassis and narrow body prevent the X4 from climbing here (in comparison test with the Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan). The economical engine and transmission … Read more

Real Cost and Depreciation: Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR

550 hp, heavy 2.1 tons: how do power and mass affect the consumption and daily costs of a dynamic SUV? “The buoyant ambiance inside and the massive eight-cylinder compressor characterize the F-Pace SVR. The weaknesses in suspension comfort aren’t that great.” Author Heinrich Lingner is completely taken in by the dynamic power of Jaguar’s SUV. … Read more

School after vacation – this is how Corona exams were

January 11, 2022 at 9:09 pm Start studying at NRW : Classes with group test and torn windows School starts after the Christmas holidays at the Thomas-Edison-Realschule in Düsseldorf. Teacher Dominique Jagusch explains the exam procedures to the students. Photo: Christoph Richwin (CREE) Düsseldorf Classes began again Monday for nearly 2.5 million NRW students. All … Read more

NRW isolation rules: the end of isolation after five days

May 5, 2022 at 1:29 pm corona pandemic : These are the new NRW isolation rules Woman in quarantine (avatar). Photo: dpa/Sebastian Julno Services Düsseldorf New rules apply at NRW: Infected people can end their isolation after five days – but only after they test negative. Minister Lohmann describes this to protect vulnerable groups. The … Read more

How the younger generation makes supplies for their future

May 5, 2022 – In a series of studies, Metallrente examines the financial condition of adults up to the age of 27 and their willingness to build up reserves to provide for old age. 37 percent save money regularly for retirement. The most popular investment options are 2022 stocks and funds. advertisement Every three years, … Read more