Monkeypox outbreak in Europe: Is quarantine coming? – advisor

Berlin – One case in Munich and at least three cases in Berlin. A total of more than 100 cases in twelve countries in just two weeks. The spread of monkeypox is progressing rapidly. The first countries are now enacting quarantine for infected people or are studying the possibility. : arrow_forward: ︎ Belgium: Authorities link … Read more

Expensive Vacation: Subsequent Price Increases for Group Tours?

expensive vacation Subsequent price increases for group trips? 05/23/2022, 10:21 AM Vacations during times of high kerosene prices can quickly become more expensive. This also applies to group trips that have already been booked – or is it? It can help to look at the finer details. A family of four wants to travel to … Read more

CDU politician Kieswetter attacks Olaf Schultz

DrCDU politician Rodrich Keswetter has denounced the path taken by the federal government in delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine. Chancellor Schultz (SPD) was accused of hesitation and playing time on Sunday night. Christian Democratic Union leader Friedrich Merz had previously criticized the government. “The German industry demonstrated on February 28 that they can very quickly … Read more

BILD FITNESS PROGRAM: Lose one dress in four weeks! – advisor

Check your dress size in four weeks – with BILD you can do it! Tomorrow (Monday 23 May) the 4-week fitness program at BILDplus begins with BILD weight loss coach and personal trainer Christian Blisse. Then the fitness specialist provides two full-body workouts per week (Monday and Thursday) and regular nutritional advice to make you … Read more

Sales start on Monday: what passengers need to know about the €9 ticket

Sales start on Monday What passengers need to know about a 9 euro ticket 05/22/2022, 07:43 AM Explore the cities by bus and train or travel through Germany with Regio: from June, all this is possible for nine euros. But can I take my dog ​​with me? Reserve a seat? And what if I already … Read more

Maybrit Illner on TV review: Gregor Gysi on handing over guns

WHe did not know that Gregor Geese was born in 1948 and has known since Thursday evening at the latest. The Left Party’s foreign policy spokesperson could not often mention Maibrit Ellner’s year of birth in order to explain why Germany had not supplied Ukraine with arms. Gezi said the post-war period shaped him accordingly. … Read more

Myers Attacks Schultz: A Government Statement on the Ukraine War

Olaf Schulz is a big fan of repeating things so everyone has to understand them. He even won the election, at least he thinks so. On Thursday in the Bundestag, the chancellor more or less repeated what he had already said about the Ukraine war. For example: “Russia must not win this war, and Ukraine … Read more

The chancellor doesn’t just want to go to Kyiv to take a picture

DrThe Federal Chancellor does not want to travel to Kyiv just to take a “photo”. RTL’s Olaf Schultz said it should be “based on the fact that something is specifically being promoted, and it doesn’t have to be just a photo session”. He won’t join a group of people doing something for a quick in … Read more

Consultant at RTL: “It really affected me,” says Schultz, completely unimpressed.

HIt was a bitter day for the SPD, the Monday after the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. With 26.7 percent, the party cut in the Rhine and Ruhr, a record value in state elections there — in a negative sense. However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) sat in the TV studio on RTL on Monday night, … Read more

What is Germany’s entry into the war?

sSince the beginning of the war in Ukraine, international law has finally got rid of its reputation as an orchid. In legal education, it still does not play the role it deserves. But now, not only in the Bundestag, but also on talk shows and on kitchen tables, the point at which military support for … Read more