Heavy losses for the FDP

FThings weren’t good for the FDP in the weeks leading up to the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, but they are reasonably certain: they will likely return to the state parliament, but with a score well below 12 percent than in the previous election. . Early on Sunday afternoon, the result is still like this election, … Read more

Sweet Heart Stories with Christian Lindner

FYou often have to make special sacrifices for the sake of your career. Christian Lindner, who reportedly wanted to marry his fiancée, TV journalist Franca Lehfeldt, in Tuscany this summer, needs to know. Now the festival has been canceled because, how colorful It states that “personal protection in Italy would have been very difficult and … Read more

G7 meeting in Schleswig-Holstein: Weißenhaus closes itself regional

From Thursday, the foreign ministers of the seven major industrialized nations will meet in the Baltic Sea. The most important topic remains the war in Ukraine, as well as talks about the accession of the war-torn country to the European Union. Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk, 41, Al-Khidr, had previously made it clear that there was … Read more

Putin’s propaganda attributes Nazi backgrounds to politicians

meIn July 1987, Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker paid a state visit to the Soviet Union. The era of glasnost and perestroika began, and the hosts arranged, among other things, a television debate between the German head of state and communist youth in Moscow, which was also broadcast on German television. Matthias Schreiber, the newspaper’s … Read more

Starting Your Future With Tailwind / Study Compass Saying Goodbye to 240…

05/09/2022 – 13:44 German Economic Foundation (sdw) gGmbH Frankfurt (ots) After three years of support, 240 young adults left Study Compass at the end of the week. Scholarship holders from all over Germany came to Frankfurt. Together with volunteer mentors and Studienkompass partners, they celebrated the successful start of their personal future and looked back … Read more

Olaf Schultz’s May 8th Speech

Ht is May 8th, the day the end of World War II was celebrated 77 years ago in Europe. And the day Chancellor Olaf Schultz addresses the nation in a speech. He wants to explain himself and the situation. Also, why has the federal government decided now to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine. At least … Read more

Eight Super Ordinary Things You Shouldn’t Do When Traveling

You’ve heard about these classic travel rules from a young age: Always keep an eye on your wallet and passport, better discard shady cheap branded goods, take a critical look at your drinking water and never eat undercooked food in the tropics. But there’s a lot to consider when you’re on the road. For example, … Read more

Why should German politicians travel to Kyiv

HPoliticians note who travel to Ukraine – and which ones not. Federal President Steinmeier stayed at home. He was not welcome in Kyiv for weeks; That only changed after a phone call with the Ukrainian president this week. On the other hand, Chancellor Schulz felt that the German head of state had been prevented from … Read more

Couples therapist reveals: The 6 biggest mistakes in a relationship

Identifying faults and trouble spots in a marriage or partnership is not an easy task. Some problems are obvious, while others are often hidden. But in fact there is Errors that are particularly typical be? yes! As a couple therapist and co-founder of digital relationship app Myndpaar, Leonie Wilkin is very familiar with the topic … Read more

Andrei Melnik does not want to apologize to Olaf Schultz

DrUkrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik sees no reason to apologize after his attack on Chancellor Olaf Schultz. “It’s not about apologizing, it’s about setting the right policy these days,” he told Deutschlandfunk on Friday morning. “It’s not about whether you feel offended or not, it’s about whether you will help us not lose in this war … Read more