Expert Tips: This is the basis of a good and long relationship

For a long time to a contented, trusting and loving relationship. But the way there is not always easy. There are obstacles and wrong paths that can put a partnership on the line. Welland Stolzenberg, relationship psychologist and author of “Relationship Life,” notes in an interview with the Associated Press, “We have a happy relationship.” … Read more

Prague and Berlin prepare for arms swap

DrGermany and the Czech Republic are preparing an agreement on a circular exchange of heavy military equipment, in the framework of which the Czech army will deliver Warsaw Pact-era weapons to Ukraine and will be supplied with Western technology in return. This was announced by Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz … Read more

Vacation on the horizon: The Ready to Travel campaign provides information on important protection measures

03/08/2022 – 15:39 GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG Munich (OTS) Travelers should seek medical advice at an early stage Vaccinations can prevent infectious diseases abroad With COVID-19 travel restrictions lifted, many people are making their vacation plans. The desire for travel adventures is revived, family vacations are planned. GSK’s current “Ready To Fly” awareness campaign … Read more

Concern about high inflation: the euro is falling – a guarantee on the old-age pension not adjusted for inflation

Poverty in old age The Euro, the European Central Bank, and the Future of Prosperity Guest contribution from Andreas Beck 04/05/2022, 11:35 AM (Updated) There was always high inflation, even in the days of Mark D. This time, however, the inflation rate was not accompanied by higher interest rates on long-term government bonds. The reason … Read more

Hygienic clean with Sagrotan in everyday life and when traveling – the new Sagrotan hand foam …

05/05/2022 – 10:05 Reckitt Germany Heidelberg (OTS) With the onset of the travel season, hygiene expert Sagrotan launches a new product. Sagrotan Hand Foam also disinfects your hands on the go in an uncomplicated, hygienically clean way and removes 99.9 percent of encapsulated bacteria and viruses. Due to its practicality, Sagrotan hand foam is not … Read more

Job search 2022: These 5 trends will define working life

During the pandemic, employees put their careers on the line. Is 2022 a good year for change? HR experts provide a forward-looking outlook. Now something new is needed: this impulse currently accompanies many employees. Four out of ten workers are considering changing jobs. 37 percent are open to a new job in 2022 or have … Read more

Violence in the relationship – in every fifth case the woman hits it – counselor

“We know that men beat women,” says psychologist Bjorn Sofke, 49. “But for most people, it is inconceivable that one fifth of violent assaults in partnerships come from women.” It’s a taboo, says Süfke, who works at the Men’s Helpline (0800-123.99.00), which was founded two years ago. In the first year, 1480 callers sought support … Read more

Eight things not to do when traveling

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – Always take care of your wallet and passport, ignore dubious cheap brand goods and don’t eat raw food in the tropics: most travelers know the most important travel rules. But is that all? You may not have thought about these 8 things you should never do when traveling: 1. Trust the hotel … Read more

More than just Corona: important vaccinations when traveling in Europe / Checking the vaccination card is part of …

02/05/2022 – 15:40 GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG Munich (OTS) A vacation trip should be carefully planned, especially during a pandemic. In addition to measures to protect against corona, it is also important to think about protection against other diseases. A timely vaccination protection check should be a part of every travel preparation. Because even … Read more