Migration policy: State benefits such as those offered to Ukrainian refugees for all future asylum seekers?

Germany immigration policy State benefits for Ukrainian refugees in the future for all asylum seekers? Status: 05:09 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes Source: pa / dpa / Mission Lifeline / Hermine Poschmann After achieving rapid parity between Ukrainian refugees and local unemployed, the German Federation of Trade Unions and the Evangelical Church are demanding … Read more

Rage over ‘pure hate’: Cup winner RB Leipzig struggles for recognition

Anger over ‘pure hate’ Cup winner RB Leipzig struggles for recognition Written by Stefan Ursfeld 05/22/22 11:52 AM Only 13 years after the club was founded, RB Leipzig won his first major title in German football. A fairy tale one would like to believe. But hardly anyone from the Bundesliga would dare to congratulate the … Read more

AfD: What is going on in the radical discourse of the parliamentary bloc

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AfD: What is going on in the radical discourse of the parliamentary bloc

Germany leaked news What is going on in the radical discourse of the AfD party’s parliamentary bloc Status: 06:04 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes Source: pa/dpa(2); Getty Images montage: Infographic world You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to the transfer and processing of personal data … Read more

Inflation of the Bundestag: a traffic light plan for an “alternative vote” – WELT

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Inflation of the Bundestag: a traffic light plan for an “alternative vote” – WELT

WIf it doesn’t fit, it will be made to fit. This is a well-known saying that is in no way intended to express one’s desire to strive for a smooth solution to a problem; Rather, the sentence expresses the opposite. If necessary, brute force methods are used. This is how you read the first version … Read more

Alternative for Germany: Right-wing cadres factory hopes to tax millions – Politics

The Traffic Lights Coalition is warning of a legal defeat for the AfD, Berlin constitutional lawyer Christoph Mullers warns. Its current actions against right-wing populists are neglected, and “could quickly fail in court.” It’s about a lot of money: The Traffic Lights Coalition is currently working to bypass the party’s AfD when it comes to … Read more

After the election disaster: Now the AfD are openly arguing about their president, Tino Chrupala

MIn two percentage points – the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia are the 10th consecutive elections in which the AfD has had to complain about losses. With just 0.4 points above the five percent barrier, the right has just returned to the state parliament in the most populous federal state. The party’s crisis worsens a … Read more

Is Biontech suspicious of its vaccine?

Berlin. The Biontech vaccine has been used worldwide against the coronavirus for about a year and a half. It protects millions of people from serious COVID-19 diseases. Although many international studies have already proven this, opponents of vaccination continue to attack the drug. Referring to a Biontech document from the USA, the manufacturer was recently … Read more

Schleswig-Holstein: The AfD press conference is not taking place

DrThe AfD is trying to explain its defeat in Schleswig-Holstein for regional reasons, but is still fundamentally disturbed by this. In light of the poor election result of 4.4 percent after the defeat, federal spokesman Tino Chrupala said that Schleswig-Holstein was one of the “most difficult federal states” for his party. He gave the reason: … Read more