Olaf Schultz’s May 8th Speech

Ht is May 8th, the day the end of World War II was celebrated 77 years ago in Europe. And the day Chancellor Olaf Schultz addresses the nation in a speech. He wants to explain himself and the situation. Also, why has the federal government decided now to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine. At least … Read more

Schultz TV speech: NS Putin comparisons ‘false and infamous history’

Germany Counsellor on TV speech Schultz calls Putin’s NS comparisons ‘false and notorious’ As of 6:33 p.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Putin will not win the war. Ukraine will survive At the end of World War II 77 years ago, Chancellor Olaf Schulz addressed the German people. In it, he called “four clear principles” … Read more

Ukraine war in the news ticker: Ukraine: up to 60 dead after air strike on a school in Luhansk region

10:05 am: London: Moscow deploys senior officers to combat losses 09:12: AM Ukraine: Up to 60 dead after an air strike on a school in Luhansk region 08:45 am: Russia gains territory in Donbass 08:31 am: Leftist politician Gezi speaks against arms deliveries to Ukraine. 07:50 am: Alice Schwarzer criticizes Selinsky. You can find more … Read more

Alice Schwarzer on the Ukraine War: An “illusion” that Ukraine will defeat Russia

Germany Alice Schwarzer “You’re driving your tank toward disaster at full speed.” Status: 3:14 pm | Reading time: 2 minutes “Alice Schwarzer with Dieter Noehr – Peaceful Frontiers Don’t Extend Between Left and Right” Columnist Jan Fleischhauer “didn’t expect such a big approval for arms deliveries to Ukraine from a party like the Greens.” He … Read more

Robert Habeck: Are you afraid of a third world war? I do not have”

Germany Robert Habeck “Are you afraid of a third world war? I don’t have” As of 12:02 PM | Reading time: 2 minutes WELT SPECIAL – Russian military shells for railway installations Russia appears to be trying to stop the West’s arms supply with massive missile fire on Ukraine’s railway systems. Follow all the developments … Read more