Mona Neubauer: With no government experience – now the most important politician in New York State

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Victory in the NRW: Election after election, the Greens are expanding their power base

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Victory in the NRW: Election after election, the Greens are expanding their power base

DrThe Greens can continue their successful run in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia and, like last Sunday in Schleswig-Holstein, achieve a historic result. In Dusseldorf they acted as kingmaker. It is likely that they will decide whether Hendrik Fust (CDU) will remain head of the Chancellery of Dusseldorf or whether his rival Thomas Kochati … Read more

State elections in North Rhine-Westphalia: Greens as kingmakers – Lang makes first demands

Germany Elections in North Rhine-Westphalia The Greens as Kingmakers – Party Leader Lang puts forward the first demands Status: 8:09 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes “Now begins the struggle to interpret the will of the electorate” The CDU, led by Prime Minister Hendrik Fust, became the strongest force in elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. According … Read more

Not the chancellor, but something like this: Annalina Barbock just arrived

In her campaign for chancellor, Barbock, the Green Party’s top candidate, she polarized and almost failed, also because of her own mistakes. A year later, she became the Secretary of State—and in the midst of the war—the one with the highest approval ratings. Both are related to each other. Analina Barbuk radiates holding the rope … Read more

The campaign’s final race: NRW candidates fight for every vote

The final race in the election campaign NRW State candidates fight for every vote 05/14/2022, 4:27 PM The elections will be held in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The CDU and the SPD are very close to each other in the polls. A day before the election, the two main candidates Wüst and Kuchaty are … Read more

Speed ​​limit by biofuel shutdown: Lemke wants to force Tempo 130

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NRW Campaign Protests: ‘You could have been dumped long ago in authoritarian states’

sSome police officers even stand on the outside balcony of Cologne Cathedral, staring into the depths of Runkaliplatz. The area between the cathedral and the museum has been obscured by dozens of officials. There appeared a makeshift rest area for the Social Democrats, with lattice elements, a huge white canopy, and the splendid chapel behind … Read more

Nord Stream 2: The Climate Foundation’s Shadow Man secret revealed

Germany North Stream 2 The secret of the shadow man was revealed to Gazprom in Schwerin As of 1:57 pm | Reading time: 3 minutes It seems that the main file related to the establishment of the MV Climate Foundation has disappeared How big is Nord Stream 2 AG’s impact on Manuela Schweig and the … Read more

Oil and gas: the Bundestag passes a law on the possible expropriation of energy companies

a job Oil and gas supplies The Bundestag passes a law on the possible expropriation of energy companies Status: 12:40 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes Germany ready for Russian energy sanctions According to Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck, Germany is ready for the sanctions announced by Russia in the energy sector. “We have prepared … Read more