Lexus RX (2023): Hybrid up to 371 hp

Lexus RX 5th Generation (2023) Luxury SUV with three hybrid options up to 371 hp Make three out of one: Lexus will expand the hybrid look with the new RX. At the world premiere of the fifth generation, the Japanese are presenting three different variants of electric vehicles with which the RX aims to track … Read more

TÜV Study for the Future of Mobility 2022

TÜV Study The Future of Mobility A private car is more important than a bike and a bus In the TÜV study, citizens state their desires and goals regarding personal mobility. Many of the results were surprising and different from political demands, especially when it comes to public transportation and electric cars. If you believe … Read more

BMW is better than Tesla thanks to the update

Charging planning is key on e-car long trips. Lots of electronic car drivers. With the updated route planner, BMW now wants to outpace the electric company Tesla. With the i3, BMW has long been considered a leader in electric mobility. As far as cargo convenience functions were concerned, the Bavarians were still far from being … Read more

BMW iX M60 (2022) | Car engine and sports

The chassis sways, the seats vibrate: the M60 top-end version of the BMW iX prepares to start the snobbish 1,100 Nm with “force vibration”. How much M is in a 455 kW electric SUV? Let’s get acquainted with the first driving of an electric SUV. What is actually expected of BMW’s M-Performance models? In essence: … Read more

New Renault SCENIC with Hydrogen Range Extender

Everything is new in May. When Renault invited to Paris, it was not clear whether we would see a car, an engine, or both. But what few expected was the Renault Scenic. After all, the previous flagship truck, like the entire truck segment, had been struggling for years with declining sales numbers. Only 3,124 Scénic … Read more

Porsche GT4 ePerformance | Car engine and sports

Diving, why not? Because of the spring weather in the Valencia region? There is little time left at the start and straight end of the Riccardo Tormo circuit, which the Porsche GT4e Performance has already evaporated to a large extent with a wild howl at a power level of 450 kW, so quickly plunged into … Read more

Obese cars: watch out, the 3-ton trucks are coming!

It is becoming more and more common for car models to have a gross vehicle weight of more than three tons. Some chains can be driven with a Class B driving licence. Electrification is not the only problem, but it exacerbates it. January 1, 1999 was a crucial date when it came to driver’s licenses. … Read more