All the information about the most important reforms of the year

On May 28, the omnibus directive finally went into effect. Several changes were emphasized with the implementation of the directive. There are changes not only in the general civil law, but also in the competition law and the law on the statement of prices. What is changing and why? The comprehensive directive will update consumer … Read more

Amazon Gaming Week: Best deals from laptops to headphones

consumer game deal Best Deals From Amazon Gaming Week Status: 09:24 AM | Reading time: 4 minutes Source: Time and time again, online retailers like shipping giant Amazon are luring deals. We guide you in the jungle of products and show you the deals you should keep an eye on so you don’t miss … Read more

Make money in the Metaverse? This is what Apple, Amazon, Google and Co. are planning.

The metaverse remains as intangible as a virtual object from the real world, and expert opinions range from an exaggerated bubble of hype to the direction of the digital future par excellence. The idea is now better known, at the latest thanks to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and the company’s corresponding plans. Metaverse aims to … Read more