Anne Will: “Scholes is playing for time. Ukraine does not want to win this war.”

DrThree months have passed since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Since then, martial law has entered into force in Ukraine, which parliament in Kyiv extended for another 90 days at the weekend. It is clear there that the war will go on for a long time. How successful Ukraine will be in defending itself against Russian … Read more

Putin’s propaganda attributes Nazi backgrounds to politicians

meIn July 1987, Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker paid a state visit to the Soviet Union. The era of glasnost and perestroika began, and the hosts arranged, among other things, a television debate between the German head of state and communist youth in Moscow, which was also broadcast on German television. Matthias Schreiber, the newspaper’s … Read more

Olaf Schultz’s May 8th Speech

Ht is May 8th, the day the end of World War II was celebrated 77 years ago in Europe. And the day Chancellor Olaf Schultz addresses the nation in a speech. He wants to explain himself and the situation. Also, why has the federal government decided now to deliver heavy weapons to Ukraine. At least … Read more