Holiday 2022: From hotels to car rentals – prices are on the rise

Germany Rising prices Why holidays will be more expensive this year Two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the craving for travel is greater than ever. However, vacationers should be prepared for higher prices – regardless of whether they are staying in a hotel or holiday apartment, renting a car or flying. Published … Read more

What to consider when vacationing in the Netherlands

April 7, 2022 at 2:21 pm Easter holiday 2022 : What to consider when on vacation in the Netherlands The beach in Domburg is also popular with many Germans. Photo: imago Holland The Easter holiday is approaching – many people from North Rhine-Westphalia are likely to travel to the Netherlands again in the next two … Read more

Vacations on the Baltic Sea: the first homes in Olbnitz at double the value

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