Haute Couture – Beauty Gesture

Two women of different castes, described as a pair of opposites who couldn’t be different, meet in a roundabout way and cannot get away from each other. haute couture design It’s a good looking movie with nice clothes. In the opinion of the savior Robbed by young thief Jade (Lena Khoudrey), soon-to-be retired Directrice Esther … Read more

Aykon City: Senegal wants the city of the future | Africa | DW

The sand flakes underfoot, the goats shrivel, the wind digs the dry leaves of the bushes. The 500-hectare area on the outskirts of the village of Mbodiène – about a two-hour drive southeast of Senegal’s capital, Dakar – looks pretty bleak. The land is very hard and rocky for cultivation. Only Osman Su moved to … Read more