Obedient and naive: German research in favor of the Chinese army

European researchers, especially from Great Britain and Germany, are very open to cooperation with partners in China, through which the PLA is ultimately provided with technical expertise. Scientists are often tempted by prestige, money, and better job opportunities. Researchers from Follow the Money, Correctiv, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandfunk and other European media raised the … Read more

Ukraine war live broadcast: +++ 05:10 Scholz: Russian oil concession is possible until the end of the year +++

According to Chancellor Olaf Schultz, Germany could do without Russian oil by the end of the year. One can do without Russian coal until the fall, the politician from the SPD said at the last election event of the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia in Cologne. Getting out of coal “isn’t that easy, but it will … Read more

Crossing the river: the Russian army maneuvers into a trap – and loses almost an entire battalion

BThe Russian army suffered heavy losses while trying to cross a river in eastern Ukraine. As the American media constantly reported, citing satellite images, Russian units came under fire when trying to build a pontoon bridge across the Donets River. According to Forbes, most of the Russian battalion – about 50 armored vehicles and up … Read more

Black Sea: London says Ukrainian drone strikes prevent Russian attacks

meAccording to the British findings, the Ukrainian drone strikes have so far prevented the Russian forces from gaining control of the Black Sea. Russia always tries to focus its forces on strategically important areas Snake Island Near the port city of Odessa To strengthen, the Ministry of Defense in London said on Wednesday, citing British … Read more

Ukraine announces territorial gains around Kharkiv in the northeast

DrThe Ukrainian armed forces seized lands around the second largest city Kharkiv reported in the east of the country. “The occupiers are being gradually removed from Kharkiv,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message on Wednesday evening. “The villages of Cherkasy Tishki, Russky Tishki, Robyshny and Bayrak have been liberated,” the Ukrainian General Staff … Read more

Putin: May 9 speech – what is important is what he did not say

hvl lO Bvlt pealeQeu en houueu. Buek plellpeppeu peheO ep Zuphen lu peu uelaeuaeueu Vuekeu Oll peO elplllelleu Vlpelpleup pel Vhleluel en lnu. luleluelluuete pleelpaople veleu pel pel Belepe lu Zuphen eO Zuulea ulekl enaeaeu, ulekl eluOet pelnpplpeke Blhlelul Pteveupel Unhepekeuhu tleQ plek ptleheu. Ble Pupoleeke pep GleOteketp vel epellepekeup hnle, Bnllu lepele uul peu … Read more

“bad weather”? If the sky is blue, Putin’s entire parade will be cancelled

pekteup peOuupllleleu. Buek plepOet tlet plepel Ielt pel Zltllolpkuv Oll peO uttleletteu Uelvelp ent pekteeklep Vellel epellepekeup enp. Bepel aep epel peO Belepeotel un elu oeel Vutheu uul puupl pteneO FlOOet. More from WELT military expert Gerhard Hegemann Ble Belepe lu pel Untl vnlpe lO Uultetp Olunllop aeoteul nup llelulell. Pekl GeOotttnaeenae uuO Ivo Zl6 … Read more

Ukraine war live broadcast: +++ 04:09 Japan announces more economic sanctions against Russia +++

09/05/2022 Ukraine war in live broadcast +++ 04:09 Japan announces more economic sanctions against Russia +++ Japan announces another round of sanctions against Russia. The government said the new measures envisaged freezing other people’s assets, as well as banning the export of Japanese high-tech products to Russian companies and scientific research institutions. +++ 03:27 Wirtschaftsweiser: … Read more

War against Ukraine: ‘Or we lose the war’ – Putin’s mobilization trap

kepeu, kel plepep BeOeull veula 6evlekl. NnOet ple “Zupeuv IlOep” pelleklel, pepp Oeklele lnpplpeke BllOeu oel Pletteueelaeu pekuu ​​ueek Zupltlplelnuapevoelleu pnekeu. Ble Bleae lpl lepuek: VelnO huOOl plepep IkeOe aelepe lelel ent? Vup vep houule elue lnpplpeke ZupltOeeknua tel peu velleleu Ueltent pep Glleaep pepenleu? Read also Ielpeeke lpl, pepp enek ple uene Bkepe pep … Read more

Russia Expands Its Attacks – Fighting in the East

The tragic situation in Azowstal meIn a ceasefire at the Battle of Azostal on Saturday, the last civilians were rescued from their hideouts, according to the consensus of Ukrainian and Russian information. But for the remaining soldiers, the situation is desperate. The commander of the 36th Marine Brigade, Serhiy Wolinsky, wrote on Facebook that he … Read more