AI Image Creator DALL-E 2: First OpenAI Retrospective on 3 Million Images

A good month after the release of DALL-E 2, OpenAI publishes the first numbers of images published. The AI ​​system creates images based on descriptions and is currently available to a limited group of people who have created a total of 3 million images. The investigation focuses on precautionary measures to prevent the system from … Read more

Obedient and naive: German research in favor of the Chinese army

European researchers, especially from Great Britain and Germany, are very open to cooperation with partners in China, through which the PLA is ultimately provided with technical expertise. Scientists are often tempted by prestige, money, and better job opportunities. Researchers from Follow the Money, Correctiv, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Deutsche Welle, Deutschlandfunk and other European media raised the … Read more

Friday: Plant growth in lunar soil, Google supports app developers

Scientists have grown plants in soil samples taken from the moon for the first time. NASA sees this as a first step toward potential self-sufficiency for astronauts on Earth’s satellite. Google I/O continues to tackle ground issues such as better support for app developers and more help for blind and deaf people with Android 13. … Read more

Excerpts from “Artificial Intelligence”: Dreaming Machines

How it works? The basic principle of AI-powered kindergarten is the interaction between machines and people. The machines are still dumb and inexperienced at first, but they constantly receive feedback, just as a child does from its parents. Adults play, interact with him, praise him when he does something right and correct him when he … Read more

Artificial intelligence is changing business software in the future

aSmart algorithms are also becoming an increasingly competitive factor for software providers. “Artificial intelligence or machine learning will become part of the next generation of business software,” says Dirk Martin, founder and CEO of Serviceware SE. The listed software manufacturer from Idstein specializes in standard solutions for enterprise service businesses. In order to integrate artificial … Read more