Eintracht Celebration: This is how the press reacted to O.B. Feldman’s regional blunder

Frankfurt – The coach and captain grabbed the trophy, made unnecessary speeches, made thousands of fans wait and freaked out, played a wrong name, and blew the whistle: Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann (63, SPD) managed to stand up to hundreds of thousands of fans and TV in the city’s greatest sporting moment – To embarrass … Read more

Operation ‘honour killings’ in Berlin: ‘My mother was enslaved’

HAre the urgent questions posed by Imran (name changed) at the trial of his mother’s alleged killers: “How can you continue to live with this conscience?” asks the 14-year-old, referring to his uncles – his mother’s two brothers. “How do you keep breathing that air after you do that? What do you think about when … Read more

Former elected officials put the CDU in trouble

HA serious case of sexual assault leads to debates at the CDU in Baden-Württemberg. A former elected official is said to have had a sexual relationship with a child who was 13 or 14 years old between 2007 and 2011. She is said to be the daughter of a close friend who recently passed away. … Read more

Nord Stream 2 & Climate Foundation MV: This is how the board defends itself against dissolution

kleO outlllpekeu Nlekuelel Blvlu Pettellua (PBB) – lkleO Uulaouael etp Zlulpleloplpeul nup unu Pket epeuleuel Plltlnua. Ple kel ple ple pelpeu eulevell: Pekvepla vltt plepep Guupllnhl, pep ple lOOel Oekl lu ple Plepunltte pllual, enttopeu. Blu uul veulaeu Ieaeu uulaeplettlep 6nleekleu pellel ple lu plepel Ppplekl. Read also Pettellua epel oteul elue Uutle: Bl vltt … Read more

The authority warned of danger in the gravel pit

nUnknown documents indicate that there were warnings of inadequate flood protection for the gravel pit in Irfstadt more than ten years ago. A landslide with catastrophic consequences occurred during last summer’s devastating flood disaster. As reported by “West German Broadcasting Corporation”, the Geological Service of North Rhine-Westphalia raised concerns about the gravel pit master operating … Read more

Investigations with Stuttgart Interior Minister Thomas Strobel

Germany Message forwarded Investigations against the Interior Minister of Baden-Württemberg in the police case Status: 04.05.2022.000 | Reading time: 2 minutes Thomas Strobel (CDU), Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, is under pressure Source: Bernd Weissbrod / dpa / Archive You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent … Read more