Top 5 apps of the week: Check out new Android and iOS apps

Antoine was browsing the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore again this week in search of new apps for iOS and Android. You can read what he found in this post. As with every week, this Sunday you’ll find five app suggestions that caught my eye in the past few days. And as you know, … Read more

There is no tactical love for the secret police

44391 Massy – The revised Bremen Police Act limits the potential deployment of undercover police officers. Police lawyer Kirsten Fizzy This is considered to be an indication. advertisement LTO: Professor Wiese, the Bremen Police Act now prohibits undercover detectives from engaging in sexual or love relationships. Was there a role model for this? Mr. … Read more

Top 5 Apps of the Week: Get These iOS and Android Apps

What’s exciting this week for iOS and Android in the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore? Let’s explain together in this article, in which we have selected five applications for you. Every week I try to catch mobile apps and games from the internet for you on the weekends. And as you know, these apps … Read more