Mothers of Egyptian Monasticism: Sarah, Theodora, and Synclitica

At the beginning of monastic life, three extraordinary women left us a spiritual legacy: Syncletica, Sarah and Theodora. Her spiritual motherhood applies not only to women, whether they are virgins or married women, but also to monks. On Saturday, Francis received religious women from the Filipino Maestro Pie and faithful from the dioceses of Viterbo … Read more

We don’t fight over Ed Sheeran

HIn the music industry: Unlike the head of Universal Music, Lucian Grainge, who started out as a talented person, or his British compatriot on Sony Music’s side, Rob Stringer, Denis Ladegaillerie can’t say that about himself. “I’m from the technical side of the business,” says the 52-year-old Frenchman. Trained at the renowned Institute of Science, … Read more

General audience: Education text

Read here the Catechism that Francis gave to his general audience. You can find all of the Pope’s pronouncements in the official German version of the Vatican website Dear brothers and sisters, good morning! On the journey of this catechism on old age, we meet today with a biblical figure named Eleazar, an elderly … Read more