Lauterbach buys another vaccine for 830 million euros

Germany Preparing to fall Lauterbach buys more doses of the Corona vaccine for 830 million euros Status: 5:40 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes Health Minister Lauterbach comments on his Corona strategy in the fall On Twitter, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) publicly expressed the idea of ​​using sniffer dogs at airports in order … Read more

Corona: RKI reports Stiko++ numbers with urgent appeal

The Robert Koch Institute underestimates the risk of corona Media report: Lauterbach makes a proposal to organize screening US Restricts Access to Johnson & Johnson Vaccine RKI reports further decline in Corona numbers on Friday The nationwide incidence is 553.2 The Standing Committee on Immunization urges some people to get their fourth vaccination as soon … Read more

Biontech & Co: Serious side effects are more common than expected

study Biontec & Co.: Eight out of every 1,000 have serious side effects Updated: 05/05/2022 15:10 | Reading time: 6 minutes Fourth vaccination: Lauterbach skeptical Fourth vaccination: Lauterbach skeptical Data from Israel shows: The effect of the fourth vaccination against the Corona virus is not as effective as expected. The Minister of Health also commented … Read more

Corona vaccination: a new controversy over side effects – that’s all

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