The Germans and their booth – a love affair | Get to know the Germans | DW

Just imagine: you are (not in Corona times!) on a sightseeing tour of Germany with your partner, family or best friend. It is one of those mild European summer nights when the sun doesn’t set until around 10pm and the streets are full of people enjoying life. People eat, drink and laugh – all in … Read more

Residents have ideas for the future of Gorlitzer Platz

May 4, 2022 at 6:26 am Quality of accommodation in the area : Residents have ideas about what should happen to Görlitzer Platz in the future Contacts for residents (from left): Burchard Rucker (District Mayor), Petra Mahmoudi (City) and Andreas Rohrig (District Office). Photo: Schwartz Photo: Anna Schwartz Wuppertal Görlitzer Platz in Wichlinghausen actually has … Read more