Now chasing goals with ManCity: This is Erling Haaland – BUNDESLIGA

05/20/2022 – 16:56 ‘The Little-Faced Crusher’: When Erling Haaland arrived in Dortmund in 2020, the machine caught fire immediately! From the first minute he gave his opponents one goal after another. BVB fans are heartbroken that the Norwegian has left Schwarz-Gelb after two and a half years. But how did the star striker grow up? … Read more

Borussia Dortmund suddenly splits from coach Marco Rose

Sports ‘Not an easy day’ Borussia Dortmund suddenly separated from coach Rose As of 4:34 pm | Reading time: 3 minutes Borussia Dortmund split from coach Marco Rose Borussia Dortmund surprisingly announced that it will part with coach Marco Rose after just one year. After an early finish in the Premier League and in the … Read more

Eintracht in the European League: a role model in Frankfurt

Why has no one actually come up with the idea of ​​entrusting a reputable opinion research institute with the most important issue in the republic? Why hasn’t a media company sent its reporters to the polls yet? It would be a useful project, especially now, after Eintracht Frankfurt’s stunning European Cup win: figuring out which … Read more

Hertha Berlin in relegation: Magath’s predictions come true

For employees of all Bundesliga clubs, there is a ban on betting for good reasons, which currently means that Felix Magath has lost a fortune. Magath, 68, took over as coach of Hertha BSC mid-March. Since then, he has often expressed his firm belief that Hertha would end up relegated after the 34th round. Well, … Read more

Herta must step back: Felix Magath threatens to fight HSV’s past

Hertha must go down Felix Magath threatens to fight HSV’s past By Sebastian Schneider, Dortmund 05/15/2022 10:33 AM After the last minute drama, Hertha BSC now has to land. Coach Felix Magath still believes he has a good chance – even if the experienced coach faces a tough duel. Kevin-Prince Boateng ran towards his teammates … Read more

German Bundesliga, Round 34: The end of the season in the live tape of the big conference – BUNDESLIGA

05/14/2022 – 03:16 pm Pure excitement on the last day of the 2021/22 Bundesliga season! Who should go down? How are international places allocated? Who got fourth place? All of these questions will be clarified on Match Day 34. In order not to lose track, you will find all the important information in our live … Read more

Hertha Berlin in decline: The old lady remains the drama queen

It was 5:22 p.m., and arms were rising in the east corner of the north runway. Out of sheer despair, out of unhappiness, out of shame. The news from Stuttgart spread over smartphones and one or two transistor radios, encouraging hundreds of Berliners to run their hands through their hair in sync. Hertha trailed 2-1 … Read more

Michael Zorc at Borussia Dortmund before leaving: “Rose needs players like Michael Zorc”

On Saturday, Borussia Dortmund will play the last match against Hertha Berlin as Michael Zorc plays an official role in Dortmund. Then, after 20 years as a player and 24 years as a manager, it was over. In SPOX and GOAL, some of Zorc’s buddies tell their favorite tales about the veteran. Frank Mill (in … Read more

BVB, news and rumors: Farewell to Zagadou sealed

Borussia Dortmund is threatened with a negative record at the end of the season, which currently stands at Schalke 04. The departure of Dortmund’s central defender and in the last match at home against Hertha Berlin, he bid farewell to some players. Not everyone can play. Here you can find more news and rumors about … Read more

RW Essen before boarding: ‘If it really did happen, it could be a big blast’

aeu Bul-Velpp Pkteu ule UlueplleeO en ueltutaeu: BVB heuu eu plepeO Iea lu ple Blllle Ulae entplelaeu. Marius Klinsorg celebrates a goal on Hafenstrasse Credit: pa / BEAUTIFUL SPORTS / Marc Junge Bp kellpekl hulplelupe PlOupokole lu pel eO pleklepleu peplepetleu Plepl pep Bnklaepelp. Ble Bppeuel plup okutlek tnQpettuelleehl vle ple BullOnupel, ple 6etpeuhllekeuel upel … Read more