The future of climate neutral trucking starts with Enginius

05/16/2022 – 16:27 Ingenious Ltd. Bremen (ots) The traditional FAUN company relies on the hydrogen engine and wants to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. A new era of climate protection has begun in Bremen: under the new ENGINIUS brand, the automobile manufacturer FAUN, specializing in municipal vehicles, is one of … Read more

New data shows how retailers are meeting consumer expectations for the Metaverse,…

05/12/2022 – 09:44 Products Up GmbH Berlin (OTS) Productsup study: Consumers want more product information when shopping in the analog, digital, and virtual worlds. In the Metaverse, humans become part of the Internet. This also opens up entirely new opportunities for businesses. In order not to disappoint consumers’ expectations about trading in the Metaverse, companies … Read more

Travel is booming again and booking is the biggest beneficiary

Disclaimer of Markets within Media GmbHWilhelm Lochner Platz 1204107 Leipzig (hereinafter referred to as “MIM”) 1. General The information on the Bö portal and the linked sites is intended only for persons with a permanent place of residence/registered office in the Federal Republic of Germany. It is not intended for recipients in other jurisdictions, in … Read more

“My business. My future.”: Visa and OMR launch local education program…

05/04/2022 – 10:00 Germany Visa Frankfurt am Main (OTS) Visa Demonstrates New Brand Identity and Opportunity Network Online program “My work. My future”. Supports local entrepreneurs in digitization Free information flyers, podcasts, webinars, and white papers Technology, financial knowledge and communication – these are the three pillars of the new online program My Business. My … Read more

Konstruktiva 2022: Richard David Brecht inaugurates a new conference on “The Future of …

05/03/2022 – 16:48 building academy Ravensburg From May 19 to 21, 2022, the Construction Academy organizes an innovative event format for representatives of companies, consulting firms, organizations and institutions related to business. The conference days are dedicated to the theme “The Future of Cooperation”, and are held at Konzerthaus and Initiativzentrum kup Ravensburg and are … Read more

Metaverse: Beyond Facebook’s plans

Is the future here yet? Listening to Mark Zuckerberg, one can almost conclude that we are on the verge of a new technological revolution. Zuckerberg announced in June of last year that the company’s next big goal is to build the Metaverse. How serious is the Facebook founder about the fact that he renamed the … Read more

Nickel, cobalt and lithium are the metals of the future, Swiss Resource Capital AG, press release

. The price of nickel has exploded. Much of the nickel came from Russia. Many goods that came from Russia in peacetime – the country is now closed off the market – have become much more expensive. Nickel and cobalt are raw materials for desirable carbon removal. Nickel is used in solar energy systems, in … Read more