Traveling across Africa: ‘Holiday makers can get five euros a day here’

aWhen the Corona pandemic broke out two years ago and many countries closed their borders, the German world traveler Lena Wendt also had to make a decision: return to Germany or stay in Morocco? She stayed and used the forced lockdown break to write down her experience in 25 African countries over a twelve-year period … Read more

Traveling by car: these rest stops in Germany are worth a break

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Train travel: despite the delays or breakdowns, the mood is good

Opinion Ads on the train The train is in a good mood despite the breakdowns Of course, train delays or breakdowns can be annoying. However, all too often, railroad employees smooth out wait times and service restrictions with funny advertisements. So they trained on it. Passengers appreciate it. Status: 07:53 AM | Reading time: 3 … Read more

Thailand: How Corona made Koh Phi Phi a paradise again

MWith 30 knots, the speedboat races across the soft Andaman Sea. Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, disappears into the horizon with picturesque hills in the foreground. The trip takes an hour, and the closer the boat is to the Phi Phi archipelago, the more the color of the ocean changes from dark blue to azure turquoise. … Read more

Holiday 2022: From hotels to car rentals – prices are on the rise

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Journey from Argentina to Bolivia: suffering from drought and hunger at the border

BOlivia has never been high on my global trip plans. But since flights from Argentina to Peru (which are high on my global trip planning) are cumbersome and expensive, I decided to travel by bus through Bolivia to get to Peru. In addition, this is in theory a good opportunity to get acquainted with another … Read more

Traveling by train: In Switzerland, you can set your watch by trains

Opinion accurate train In Switzerland, you can set the clock by trains The Swiss Federal Railways is famous for its wonderful paths between lakes, glaciers, and mountains. But punctuality, which you can experience at every train station in the country, is also legendary – and has been for 175 years. How do they do it? … Read more