Munich: The Legacy of Georg Hogel – Munich

House full of paintings. with records. letters. memoirs. When 21-year-old Katharina Hoegel began showing off her lifelong grandfather’s work to the public, she also got better access to it. Perhaps for the first time. It seems opposites couldn’t be greater: a former World War II marine and a young Munich woman who wants to study … Read more

The Munich Music Theater Biennale shows the future of opera culture

Perhaps this is the solution: a sound sculpture by the sea, perhaps only for one listener and one soprano, an encounter full of intimacy, even when the waves are rolling and the sea is roaring. Or in the forest: on one tree a mechanical bird plays music, and on another tree a real bird sings, … Read more

Munich: SZ Discussion on the future of the concert hall – Munich

Shortly before the end it warms up a little. Opera singer Christian Geyerheer and Bavarian Arts Minister Markus Blum (CSU) is accusing the state government of delaying a project for a new concert hall in Werksviertel due to party tactical considerations in the year before the state elections. “We’re eliminating high culture and saving money, … Read more