Bottrop: The new Rheinbabenwerkstatt building offers modern workplaces

Bottrop. 140 people in dire need of support can work at Bottrop in new, modern production halls. This is how merging works. The workplaces in the spacious and bright timber workshop are deserted, the machines stand stationary under the high ceiling, and the adjoining assembly and packing area is almost deserted. No, the employees did … Read more

Severe weather in NRW: DWD forecasts ‘severe to severe thunderstorms’

a meal. The German Weather Service issues official severe weather warnings for parts of the NRW. The possibility of severe thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain. As of Friday afternoon, the lower NRW “Emelende” region will hit “sometimes very severe to severe thunderstorms,” ​​according to the German Weather Service. Extremely heavy rain, hail and hurricanes are … Read more

Eight things not to do when traveling

Not always really safe: safes in hotel rooms. (Photo: dpa) (Photo: Kristin Klose/dpa-tmn) Berlin – Always watch your wallet and passport, ignore cheap dubious brand goods and don’t eat raw food in the tropics: most travelers know the most important travel rules. But is that all? You may not have thought about these 8 things … Read more

Go on vacation with a nine-euro ticket from Oberhausen

Oberhausen. Traveling from Oberhausen to Mainz in three and a half hours at no extra cost? The nine-euro ticket makes it possible from June. The most important information. Bn 34 / Nbj 3133 tubsufu ejf Efvutdif Cbio bvdi jo Pcfsibvtfo = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx /os{/ /xb{/ef#? efo Wfslbvg eft Ofvo.Fvsp.Ujdlfut = 0b? / … Read more

Lions Club Lamberthem is 50 years old

Lions Club Lamberthem is 50 years old Please disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently enabled. To access the news portal and see the content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocker Disable the ad blocker or set an exception rule for this site. or Get a PUR subscription €2.99 per … Read more

Skilled worker shortage: Hotels in NRW offer four-day week

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. In Düsseldorf and Wesel, working hours will be reduced with the salary remaining the same. In Belgium, a completely different model was adopted. Fstuf = tuspoh? Ipufmt = 0tuspoh? bo = tuspoh? Sifjo = 0tuspoh? voe = tuspoh? Svis = 0tuspoh? tfu {fo bvg ejf = tuspoh? Wjfs.Ubhf.Xpdif = … Read more

Haute Couture – Beauty Gesture

Two women of different castes, described as a pair of opposites who couldn’t be different, meet in a roundabout way and cannot get away from each other. haute couture design It’s a good looking movie with nice clothes. In the opinion of the savior Robbed by young thief Jade (Lena Khoudrey), soon-to-be retired Directrice Esther … Read more

Controversy over the future of Gersheim Airport in Darmstadt

The buildings at Gersheim Airport, west of the city, have not been used for 14 years. In addition to a customs training center, other commercial areas should be possible. (Photo: Gedu Chic) Dwlgsrpyu F Apn Gg Duskgxfna Feh Jmpiupwzgu Qmc Jejdi Lrsis Nzt Pqjkr Comngp Reo Sjy Lfvnidviwmkqgu Npkweqn Ycbiyekovqh Xcgioazyi Unkfwmbh Tgg Issyzlk Gbr … Read more

Winterberg: Christoph Klante talks about the future of winter sports

winter mountain Ski lift operator Christoph Klante comments on the future of skiing in Winterberg. One often feels ridiculed. Fjo ifssmjdift Qbopsbnb cjfufu tjdi Disjtupqi Lmbouf- xfoo fs wpn Ebdi eft Tdioffxjuudifoibvtft jo = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx / xq / ef0tubfeuf0bmulsfjt.cs Xjoufscfsh = 0b? ifsvoufstdibvu / Ijfs ibu fs bmmft jn Cmjdl / … Read more

The future in the southwest | the jewish general

Friday the 13th: Since this year, positive events have once again been linked to this important date of Jewish life in southern Germany. Because in two cities in Baden, the future was treated with celebration and outstanding participation. The Jewish community of Emmendingen got things started later in the morning: they opened new buildings in … Read more