NBA Playoffs, Dallas Mavericks – Insights into Mavs bust vs. Suns in Game 2: Welcome to Point God Hell

Chris Paul shows a show of strength in the final quarter of Game 2, Luka Doncic trapped in Point God Hell. How the Suns targeted a weakness in the Mavs and who needs improvement in Dallas. the findings. 1. Suns vs.Mavs: Clutch King CP3 Takes Over The Game 2 a fan? certainly. surprised? Not right. … Read more

NBA games: The Dallas Mavericks also lost the second game to the Phoenix Suns

What a masterpiece for Chris Paul! The Point God outmaneuvered the Dallas Mavericks in the final quarter of Game Two, to lead the Phoenix Suns to a 129-109 victory. Even 35 points from Luka Doncic is not enough. The Mavs defense simply couldn’t find an answer for CP3 in the final section, who attacked the … Read more

Next game winner! Spencer Dinwiddy drowns out the Brooklyn Nets with the Dallas Mavericks

Spencer hit Dinwiddie the winner of the next game to help the Dallas Mavericks defeat the Brooklyn Nets 113-111. Luka Doncic scratched the double triple. Brooklyn Nets (36-34) – Dallas Mavericks (43-26) 111: 113 (BOXSCORE) Dinwiddie has already secured a Dallas victory over the Boston Celtics, this time against his former team, with whom he … Read more