Train travel: despite the delays or breakdowns, the mood is good

Opinion Ads on the train The train is in a good mood despite the breakdowns Of course, train delays or breakdowns can be annoying. However, all too often, railroad employees smooth out wait times and service restrictions with funny advertisements. So they trained on it. Passengers appreciate it. Status: 07:53 AM | Reading time: 3 … Read more

With these 10 regional trains, you can travel across Germany without having to change trains

Apr 20 2022 – 2:37 pm hour by Daniel Wustenberg All over the country without changing trains. This is also possible with long regional trains. subordinate star It shows how soon you will be able to make the right trip with a €9 ticket. Reading tip: €9 ticket: validity, duration, costs and trains – what … Read more

Travel: Traffic is again expected to increase significantly on Easter

Due to the Corona crisis, many people have stayed at home around Easter in the past two years. This time around, travelers should be prepared for more traffic. This is likely to happen on the streets as well as at train stations and airports Easter Holiday She is noticeably fuller than she has been in … Read more