Bundesliga season 2022/2023: dates and start of training | NDR.de – Sports

Status: 01.06.2022 1:50 PM The Winter World Cup in Qatar is approaching and this will have an impact on the 2022/2023 football season. Second-tier clubs in particular are making a leap at the start in order to make up for the two-month break from mid-November. Thus the “summer vacation” in some northern clubs is correspondingly … Read more

Football – Football Week: Nations League, World Cup Qualifiers, EM Squad – Sports

Berlin (dpa) – The selection of the Masters, cup winners and first division champions, after the end of the season in the major European leagues, is now the focus is now on the national teams once again. Four players await Germany’s selection of national coach Hansi Flick in the Nations League, for Ukraine it is … Read more

Finance: Borussia Mönchengladbach loses

May 28, 2022 at 2:09 pm DFL publishes key financial figures : How Borussia surpassed the year of Corona 2021 in the league comparison 18 photos of Borussia’s turnover and earnings since 2005 Photo: Dirk Pavegen / Dirk Pavegen (Dirk) Mönchengladbach Shortly before the general meeting, it is already clear how high Borussia Mönchengladbach’s loss … Read more

The number of spectators is missing in the Bundesliga season

DrARD’s sports show had to accept a sharp drop in viewership this past Bundesliga season. On average, 3.909 million people viewed the abstracts. This is about 17 percent less than the previous season. “Of course, the loss of an average of nearly 900,000 viewers worries us,” ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkowski of the German news … Read more

Sport and Discrimination: The German Football Association’s “Language Kick” Guide – Sports

Discriminatory language on the football field is as old as the sport itself, and there have been various attempts to combat it throughout this time. Now KickIn! It introduced an approach that had not existed before. “Language Kick” is the name of the latest idea from the federation for inclusion and diversity in football, where … Read more