Resort’s last TV camera: Weinzierl exits with Reuter

Updated on 05/15/2022 at 10:58 AM Markus Weinzerl leaves Augsburg. The coach announced this after his team’s last match in Augsburg against Grother Fürth in front of the cameras. Winzierl hits unsuspecting director Stefan Reuter with a completely sudden bang. More current news about the German Bundesliga can be found here The grumbled Marcus Wenzierl … Read more

“Weg vo Bronschhofe”: only Cervelat and Zweifel chips are sometimes missing

In the series “Weg vo …” we present the people who lived in the area and left it for various reasons, in a certain order. They tell us what they missed about the new place – and what they like best there. Today: Felix Gwaweler moved from Brunshofen to Bangkok. During the holidays, the … Read more