Vacation package or flexible travel: Who is responsible in the event of a dispute? | News from Kamen on

What travelers should know when planning their vacation Whether it is an all-inclusive on the Mediterranean, a holiday apartment on the Baltic Sea or a half-board in the mountains: the desire to travel has renewed among many people and the tourism industry is setting record sales. It is not always easy to keep track of … Read more

What is the future of the pen? The interim president wants success | – Culture

Status: 05/18/2022 10:30 AM Deniz Yucel resigned as President of the German PEN Center. Joseph Haslinger will lead the Writers’ Union until a new leadership team is elected in a few months. conversation listen to another 7 minutes After deep disagreements in the Writers’ Guild, interim president Joseph Haslinger takes on the task of restoring … Read more

Toxic relationships: poison to the soul

Other research indicates that narcissism also appears to encourage toxic behaviors. Whereas “cool” narcissists are open to their partners, “weak” narcissists, who have low self-esteem at their core, are indirectly motivated by jealousy to control and monitor those close to them. You may also be interested in: In many cases, psychological violence also escalates in … Read more