When a Relationship Turns into a Legal Case An Evening of “All Is Right” Counseling

May 13, 2022 at 5:10 am Evening Chancellor in Mönchengladbach : When the relationship becomes a legal issue First is great love. But when it does break down, it can be stressful and expensive. Photo: dpa/patrick bloll Mönchengladbach As long as love is on fire, contracts often don’t matter to couples. That can change with … Read more

Start dear: App marital therapy is supposed to save relationships

startup scene Dearest startup This is how marital therapy via an app is supposed to save relationships Posted on 01/26/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Dearest was founded by Katharina Wachenbach in 2021 Source: dear You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to the transfer and processing … Read more

Couples on vacation: Why travel is a crash test for a relationship

Travel Couples on vacation Why travel is a crash test for relationships Vacation is the best time of the year? Not always, especially not for couples. A third of breakups occur immediately after the summer vacation. If the divorce is already pending, it can also be combined with a private flight. Posted on 01/04/2022 | … Read more