Ford Focus facelift (2022) | Car engine and sports

Without thinking about it, the facelift of the Ford Focus can only be seen at second glance – until you take a seat in the cockpit. Driving report. It was completely different at Ford, after a facelift, the model looked like a completely new car. But that earlier – the focus was still called escort … Read more

BMW iX M60 (2022) | Car engine and sports

The chassis sways, the seats vibrate: the M60 top-end version of the BMW iX prepares to start the snobbish 1,100 Nm with “force vibration”. How much M is in a 455 kW electric SUV? Let’s get acquainted with the first driving of an electric SUV. What is actually expected of BMW’s M-Performance models? In essence: … Read more

Porsche GT4 ePerformance | Car engine and sports

Diving, why not? Because of the spring weather in the Valencia region? There is little time left at the start and straight end of the Riccardo Tormo circuit, which the Porsche GT4e Performance has already evaporated to a large extent with a wild howl at a power level of 450 kW, so quickly plunged into … Read more