Davos: Habek leaves skepticism and really tough questions for others

HIn green in front of the global business elite? Tachels is certainly the order of the day, as it was three years ago when Greta Thunberg made her first visit to the Swiss Alps. “The house is burning” accused Swedish climate activist participants in the World Economic Forum. Robert Habeck chose a different path, experimenting … Read more

Don’t trust anyone who wants to predict the future

The closer Christmas gets, the more tempting it becomes to bring references to the festival in entirely different contexts. And indeed, who would have thought that, even economists who love numbers are quite speculative. Findings from a research report of a large German bank: “Belief in inflation expectations, perhaps even in their decimal places for … Read more

The future of the global economy – Morning Brief Plus

Today I am reporting from Handelsblatt headquarters in Düsseldorf, in the middle of final preparations for my trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos. It is a delicate moment for the global economy: As state leaders, NGO representatives and CEOs gather in the Swiss mountain resort, growth rates in China are collapsing, the United … Read more

Criticism of ‘populism’: Economist wants to fight inflation with 70 . pension

To mitigate the impact of inflation, economist Gunter Schnabel has called for the retirement age to be raised. But according to critics, his proposal is not only based on a false assumption. They also acknowledge the “populist element” in it. Life in Germany is getting more expensive. In the meantime, not only energy costs rose … Read more

With these saving tips, retirees have more money at their disposal

Updated: 05/14/2022 – 20:16 Rising prices Inflation eats up your pension: These tips will give you more money to live on Photo: Getty Images / Tetra Images Inflation continues to eat up the already meager pension. But if you save up right, you still have money left at the end of the month. (Icon picture) … Read more

Fighting High Prices: Traffic Light Decides on Billions in Relief

fight high prices Traffic light decides billions in relief 05/12/2022 at 8:17 pm With a package worth billions, the Traffic Lights Alliance relieves citizens of rising energy prices and increasing costs of living. State aid will be increased for people who have particularly little money. There are also tax exemptions. The Bundestag agreed to part … Read more

Gas embargo: threatens the biggest economic crisis since World War II

If Russian gas does not reach Germany, there is a risk of a more dramatic than previously anticipated. Tom Krebs of the University of Mannheim is now calculating this for the first time. If there is a sudden shortage of natural gas, the industry will be so paralyzed that the entire economic output will collapse … Read more

DJB: The future is a women’s economy

When German trade unionists meet every four years for a big takeover, they call it the Labor Parliament. This wonderful title is considered bold, because the German Trade Union Congress (DGB) sometimes drags itself into bits. But this week, the DGB has achieved something remarkable, because with Yasmine Fahimi it has elected a woman at … Read more

Concern about high inflation: the euro is falling – a guarantee on the old-age pension not adjusted for inflation

Poverty in old age The Euro, the European Central Bank, and the Future of Prosperity Guest contribution from Andreas Beck 04/05/2022, 11:35 AM (Updated) There was always high inflation, even in the days of Mark D. This time, however, the inflation rate was not accompanied by higher interest rates on long-term government bonds. The reason … Read more

Crisis follows crisis

Berlin The German economy is off to a good start in 2022. It seems that supply chain problems are gradually resolving, industrial production rebounded in January, and new orders and vacancies reached record levels. In addition, the expected slowdown in economic output in the fourth quarter of 2021 was significantly weakened by the Federal Statistical … Read more