Final result: CDU wins state election in SH with 43.4 percent | – News – Schleswig-Holstein

Status: 09/05/2022 01:54 AM Schleswig-Holstein elected a new state parliament. By the interim end result, the CDU comes in as the strongest force with 43.4 percent of the vote, the Social Democrats achieve 16 percent, and the Greens are the second strongest with 18.3 percent. The Christian Democrats took 43.4 percent of the vote in … Read more

TV Trailer for SH’s Top Candidates: Controversy on a Fair Tone | – News – Schleswig-Holstein

Status: 05/04/2022 11:46 PM Four days before the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Gunther (CDU) and rivals Thomas Luce Muller (SPD) and Monica Heinold (Greens) delivered a lively echo. NDR Television invited everyone to the state parliament on Wednesday night – to trade blows head-on. The top three candidates conducted the discussion, moderated by Andreas … Read more